Writer (and Author). Digital Strategist. Red Pump Rocker. Techie. Professional Troublemaker.

Luvvie_toonSquare 2I am a Wacky Wordsmith. Pop Culture PrimaDonna. Side-Eye Sorceress. Bodacious Blogger. Witch of Wit. Dynamic Digerati with a Superior Shoe Game. Admirer of Alliteration.

But you can also call me Luvvie. I think the day the Good Lord was giving out sense, couth and good behavior, I missed it because I fell asleep after I went back for a second bowl of rice.

I just wrote my first book, and it’s called I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do Better Manual because I think everyone needs to get their acts together. Pre-order it! It comes out in September!

My loves include fierce shoes, blazers, patterns of all sorts (pinstripes, argyle, houndstooth), traveling, technology and everything red velvet!

I’ve been blogging for 13 years, since MySpace was still cool and Geocities didn’t make us cackle. Remember the AOL yellow dude? He was still running when I started this thing. If you don’t remember him, you can’t sit with us! (-__-)

This blog is where I talk about all things pop culture, from TV to social media to travel to race and whatever else is in my little shadeful heart at the moment. I thoroughly enjoy doling out side-eyes and there is never a shortage of people and foolishness to judge. Trust me.

I’m the person who says what you’re thinking but might be afraid to. I also use a lot of made up words and slangs because sometimes, what exists doesn’t quite cut it. My glossary of terms is proof.

And I’m a noted speaker digital strategist, helping folks figure out how to use the web strategically (not just to loiter and take selfies). I’ve been called the Olivia Pope of social media, because I help folks fix their eLives. Check out my tech blog Awesomely Techie for resources, tips and tutorials on all things digital! Also, book me to speak at your conference, college, or business.

My passion for social justice and my love of shoes resulted in me founding The Red Pump Project along with Karyn of The Fabulous Giver. It’s a national nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. It’s my key into Heaven, to negate all the foolishness of this blog. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

But really, I just want to laugh, travel, eat red velvet everything and save the world in fierce shoes.

Truly (sometimes) and Always (except for when I’m lazy) Yours (only if you’re HOT),

I am Awesomely Luvvie

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