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nurse nay

Safe travels ( daughter in my head ) !!!


This is rididulously funny!

Five Things About Me | Shade The Ground

[…] I decided to participate in @Luvvie‘s #31WriteNow challenge for the month of August. I’m going to try to do something with a few posts that I have a hard…


Awww!! I wish I would bump into you in UAE! Missed you in Kenya - I would love to get a selfie with you! Thing is, I will be heading…

What’s Good: Miley, Nicki and the Politics of Respectability | The Clyde Fitch Report

[…] is an annual petri dish of nonsense, the VMAs can serve as a diorama of our contemporary moment. Both Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus embody problematic representations, however, Cyrus took…

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