NSYNC Shiny suits
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NSYNC’s Shiny Suits and Lycra Shirts: Throwback Thursday

Afrobella dropped a link on my Facebook wall saying that *NSYNC is reuniting for the MTV VMAs this Sunday. I may or may not have started hit a bodyroll so serious that my back hurt afterwards. I was so damb excited! I. LOVE. ASTERISK NSYNC. Notice I say LOVE, not …

Lee Thompson Young
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Dear E! News, Lee Thompson Young’s Death and Yoruba “Religion” Link is Irresponsible

E! News is reporting that Lee Thompson Young’s suicide may have been result of his involvement with “Yoruba religion.” I’m reporting that they’re idiots. It’s pretty ballsy to insinuate this and it’s the biggest crock of bullshit. Methinks it demonizes Yoruba people as advocates for suicide. It’s irresponsible, full of bigotry and plays into the “Africans are barbaric” trope.

I Hate Everything gif
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My Feelings About the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape in 10 GIFs

I tried to write a sternly-worded letter to Russell Simmons and the entire team behind this “Harriet Tubman Sex Diaries debacle” and I couldn’t make fetch happen. The words wouldn’t come together. First, let me catch you up. All Def Digital is a collaborative YouTube channel that Russell Simmons and …

Gabourey-Sidibe Harper's Bazaar
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Harper’s Bazaar Sabotaged Gabourey Sidibe With This Outfit

I’m glad that people are giving half of a damb about Black women in TV and movies now. We’re showing up on more mainstream covers (well Kerry Washington is), and maybe Hollywood is finally realizing how much we rock (psht). But one thing I don’t like is lazy inclusion. Harper’s …

Royal baby wave gif
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The Bossiest Birth Certificate You Ever Did See

Folks have been all up in Kate Middleton’s Love Pocket since she got married to Prince William and it only got worse when she got pregnant. A couple of weeks ago, she finally had the Royal Baby, and the world cheered collectively. Because apparently, we all got a nephew we …

Geraldo Rivera Shirtless
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Geraldo Rivera’s Shirtless Selfie is the Anti-Thirst Trap

Yesterday morning, Geraldo Rivera, he of epic moustache and soldier coordinate reporter, woke up and decided he was proud of what he looked like. He tweeted “70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…)” and included a selfie of himself shirtless …

Kerry Washington Nnamdi Asomugha
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Kerry Washington Got Married and is Now My Cousin

Imagine my surprise when I found out this afternoon that Kerry Washington, aka Olivia Pope got married on June 24th! YESSSS! Miss Kerry (baby) is a wedded woman, and she tied the knot to football player Nnamdi Asomugha, according to E! Online. You know I don’t watch football but that …

Nicki Minaj blink gif
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I’m Digging Nicki Minaj Lately and It’s Not For Her Music

Y’all know Nicki Minaj’s music tapdances on my last nerves and she dresses like a highlighter factory blew up. But she’s the most popular female rapper out there so she’s everywhere and I just have to deal. And avoid listening to her tunes. Or staring at her pictures for too …

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When He Said Goodbye, It WAS For Long: Remembering Luther Vandross

Today is the 8th anniversary of Luther Vandross passing, and chile… he is STILL missed. That man’s vocal chords were clearly coated with Heaven’s ambrosia and dusted with angel St. Michael’s wings because it was amazing. Luther Vandross took old songs and when he sang them, folks forgot the originals. …

Neyo Instagram Breakup
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Ne-Yo’s Instagram Breakup Note is Wack

Celebrities complain about how they have no privacy because paparazzi, TMZ and everyone wants to know about their lives constantly. Some of them do have a right to whine, but others know damb well they enjoy the attention, especially when THEY bring it to themselves. Yesterday, Ne-Yo the slack-jawed yokel …