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MLK’s Dream Wasn’t to End Up On Your Club Flyers

Y’all play too murch. TOO DAMB MURCH! I know folks love clubbing and promoters love getting people to buy expensive, watered-down drinks while listening to terrible music for 4 hours and getting their shoes stepped on. HOWEVER, must they use some of the tactics they do? Like: Seriously? Why do y’all …

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10 Lessons Celebrities Need to Learn About Twitter

The other night, I got into it with a celebrity on Twitter over a question I asked. I won’t get into details because it really went from 0-60 and it was disappointing and made me become less of a fan of someone whose work I really respected and really liked. …

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20 Dumbest Celebrity Tweets of 2012

Most celebrities aren’t famous because they’re the smartest. They just happen to be good at something. Or they’re attention whores. When they get on Twitter, they show all their basicness and I’m sure their publicists are somewhere weeping in the name of fail. This is why this list is necessary, …

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Stevie Wonder Would Play At Harpo’s Juke Joint and I’ont Like It

I’ve always been a Stevie Wonder fan. I know all his songs and I love him. He is a genius. But his PR team is not. A couple of years ago, I wrote a sternly-worded letter to Stevie Wonder telling him to fire his team because they don’t want the …

Lenny Kravitz Giant Scarf
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Lenny Kravitz and His Ginormous Scarf

Lenny Kravitz has always marched to the beat of his own drum and I ain’t mad at him for it. But sometimes, I do wonder what goes through his head when he puts on certain things. Like: Lenny Kravitz is rocking a damb duvet around his neck like it makes …

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Oprah Isn’t the Richest Black Woman Anymore. My Fellow Nigerian Folorunsho Alakija Is

I’d like to start this off by saying UP NAIJA!!! Ok now that I got that out of the way… It was recently announced that Mother Oprah Winfrey, Queen of Epic Media Empires and Everything is no longer the richest Black woman in the world. Who overtook her for the …

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DMX’s Rudolph Rap Has Brought Me Christmas Cheer

I haven’t been in the holiday spirit but I think that changed tonight. When someone sent me a link saying it was DMX singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I asked them to take it back. I thought it’d be terrible and I wanted no parts of it. And then I …

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Dear Rob Kardashian, You Got the Nerve to Call Rita Ora a Whore

Two people I haven’t paid much attention to are getting some attention today, and I am here to write one of them a sternly-worded letter. Rob Kardashian, the Patron Saint of Ain’t Ever Did Shit went on a Twitter rant against his ex-lady he was seen with Rita Ora, also known …

Jesse Jackson Marvin Gaye Playing Basketball
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This Pic of Jesse Jackson and Marvin Gaye is 5 Types of Awesome

While browsing the Tumblrs, I came across the pic below and squealed in delight. What we have here is Jesse Jackson playing basketball with the late great Marvin Gaye. And I’m living!!! For so many reasons. First of all, we MUST talk about Jesse’s afro. Mr. Jackson’s afro looks so …

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Cee-Lo Green is a Walking Christmas Ornament and I Kinda Love It

I enjoy Cee-Lo Green as much as the next person. The dude is entertaining as hell and his music is like in the clouds. He’s clearly a genius and like most geniuses, he also seems to be missing a couple of screws. Which feeds his art, but it also keeps …