Chuck Woolery Muslim
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Chuck Woolery’s a Bigot and Twitter Snatches His Wig!

Tensions are high with everything going on this week. And the Boston manhunt continues, with the main suspects being White and Muslim. One is dead and the other’s on the run. You probably knew all this already. Well, everyone’s offering up thoughts and of course there’s hella ignorance and hate …

We got photobombed by the painting behind us. 
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My Holland Taylor Story and Why ANN Rocked

Almost a year ago, I was loitering on Twitter talmbout randomness and being the fool I am when I got a tweet that made me almost fall out my chair. I went to her page and saw the verified checkmark and ALMOST fell out my chair. Holland Taylor thinks I’m …

Teddy Pendergrass Portrait
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Teddy Pendergrass is Slaying in His Firefox Fur: Throwback Thursday

Look at this AWESOME sumbish here! JUST LOOK AT HIM! Teddy Pendergrass said he was gon slay anyone within a 54 mile radius and his mission was accomplished. He said he wanted to go in and let us ALL have it. HE WENT IN AND LET US HAVE! YES, LAWD! …

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Dear LL Cool J, ‘Accidental Racist’ is an Accidental Failure

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley set the web ablaze yesterday when they released their new collabo song ‘Accidental Racist.’ The controversy and backlash was well-deserved too. I don’t listen to Brad’s music, and hell, I haven’t listened to LL’s for YEARS either. But I need to have some words with …

Bill Gates Facebook
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Bill Gates Isn’t Giving You Money for Sharing A Facebook Picture

There’s a picture that has been shared into my Facebook newsfeeds and each time I see it, I *facepalm* and wonder where common sense went. It clearly took a vacation and said “I’m on a break” from society at large. This OBVIOUSLY photoshopped picture of Bill Gates holding up a …

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Who Rocked the Jheri Curl Best: Bradley Cooper or Justin Timberlake?

I am amused because pictures have been circulating with Bradley Cooper on some movie set spotting some pink rollers like Miss Pearl from 227. I don’t care how hot or cool you are. If you need to be humbled, put some spongy rollers in your coif and it’s InstaLame. And …

India Arie Cocoa Butter
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Should Folks Lighten Up About India Arie’s Cocoa Butter?

I’m a fan of India Arie’s music and her songs are all in my iPod. I own her first 3 CDs and I couldn’t tell you a favorite song if you begged me. SO MANY! But y’all know I love overly sappy and uplifting music. I’m a jerk with a …

Coolio Hair
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Coolio and these Struggle Braids Gotta Let Go and Let Bald

Some folks age gracefully and get better with time, like good wine (not the cheap one that comes in boxes even though some of that is delicious but I heard will give you a hell of a hangover). And then there’s Coolio, who went to someone’s event looking like this: …

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Dear Rick Ross, About Your Slipping Molly Lyrics… No.

Rick Ross, the rapper with moobs has earned this sternly-worded letter for being a disrespectful misogynistic jackass through his music. Dear Rick Ross, You came out with a song with the following lyrics: “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I …

Stages of Twitter Dealing with a Beyonce Event
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Stages of Twitter Dealing with a Beyoncé Event

Beyoncé is the world’s biggest popstar right now and whether you love her or not, it’s hard to argue this fact. Based purely on her numbers and accomplishments and popularity, she is. Every move of hers is clocked and folks act a fool at the sound of her name. Especially …