Butter Blue Eyes Bigotry Paula Deen Story
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Butter and Bigotry: Paula Deen is Racist and Terrible

Another day, another celebrity being dropkicked off their pedestal. I woke up to find out that Paula Deen, the Matron Saint of Butter and Diabeetus Diet is a grade A racist. This is like finding out that Santa Claus killed the Tooth Fairy. Because she looks like Mrs. Claus and seems …

Diane Warren Kanye Shade
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Diane Warren Tweets Note About “True Greats” to Kanye West. WELP!

No one can love Kanye West as much as Kanye West loves Kanye West, and that is a gift. I mean, the man’s newest album is titled “Yeezus.” He clearly has high self-esteem and places himself on a giant pedestal only he can see. Who else could go onstage looking like …

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Morgan Freeman Takes an Extended Blink (Nap) on Live TV

Sometimes, you’re in a meeting, sitting across someone at dinner or even on live TV and you notice your eyes getting heavy. And they start closing themselves and your head bobs. And the more you fight this, the heavier your lids get and the longer each blink you take lasts. …

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About the Time Miguel Dropkicked a Fan at the Billboard Awards

I did not watch the Billboard Awards yesterday because I frankly couldn’t muster any dambs to give about it. I didn’t e’em realize it was coming on til I saw a tweet about it around 4pm. Still. No dambs were given. Anywho, when it wrapped, I started hearing about the …

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Kanye, the Pole that Assaulted Him and the Tantrum

I know I’ve been talmbout Kanye West and Kim Kardashian a lot but it’s because they keep doing unintentionally hilarious things. Like dressing like couches and looking miserable. Well yesterday, Ye and Kim were headed to a restaurant and were clearly in no mood for paparazzi so they walked with …

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Met Gala
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The Met Gala Theme Was “Punk” But Most Thought It Was “Tacky”

The Met Gala that Anna Wintour throws every year is THE event for the Who’s Who of Hollywood and Fashion. It also happens to be one where everyone tries their hardest to be fashionable. This year’s theme was “Punk” and folk were supposed to interpret that to mean whatever they …

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Poor Kim. Ray-J is a Bitter Dustrag and Kanye is a Douchebag

Ever since Kim Kardashian got #PREGNET with Kanye West’s baby, she’s been catching a lot of flack. Folks were already calling her everything but a child of God. But after we learned she had conceived the little coffee baby she had mentioned she wanted, she has been the object of …

Billy Dee williams Denim throwback
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Billy Dee Williams’ Denim Slayage: Throwback Thursday

Sometimes, you gotta look back where you came from to know where you are going! Today, I’m looking back to the old school G, smooth ass Billy Dee Williams. Ladies and gentlegays. Look at Billy. LOOK AT HIM! My dude got on denim on denim on denim, looking like a …

Chuck Woolery Muslim
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Chuck Woolery’s a Bigot and Twitter Snatches His Wig!

Tensions are high with everything going on this week. And the Boston manhunt continues, with the main suspects being White and Muslim. One is dead and the other’s on the run. You probably knew all this already. Well, everyone’s offering up thoughts and of course there’s hella ignorance and hate …

We got photobombed by the painting behind us. 
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My Holland Taylor Story and Why ANN Rocked

Almost a year ago, I was loitering on Twitter talmbout randomness and being the fool I am when I got a tweet that made me almost fall out my chair. I went to her page and saw the verified checkmark and ALMOST fell out my chair. Holland Taylor thinks I’m …