Coolio Hair
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Coolio and these Struggle Braids Gotta Let Go and Let Bald

Some folks age gracefully and get better with time, like good wine (not the cheap one that comes in boxes even though some of that is delicious but I heard will give you a hell of a hangover). And then there’s Coolio, who went to someone’s event looking like this: …

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Dear Rick Ross, About Your Slipping Molly Lyrics… No.

Rick Ross, the rapper with moobs has earned this sternly-worded letter for being a disrespectful misogynistic jackass through his music. Dear Rick Ross, You came out with a song with the following lyrics: “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I …

Stages of Twitter Dealing with a Beyonce Event
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Stages of Twitter Dealing with a Beyoncé Event

Beyoncé is the world’s biggest popstar right now and whether you love her or not, it’s hard to argue this fact. Based purely on her numbers and accomplishments and popularity, she is. Every move of hers is clocked and folks act a fool at the sound of her name. Especially …

Kim Kardashian pregnant brocade
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Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Wardrobe is Awkward

When it was announced that Kim Kardashian was pregnant by her not-husband, Kanye West, I just knew she already had her outfits selected for the next 9 months. She was gon be baby baking chic. I assumed. Not sure why, because her style right now ain’t much to love. Well, …

Quvenzhane Fist Pump gif
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About The Oscars, Quvenzhané Wallis and The Onion Debacle

This post took me a long time to write because I wasn’t even sure I was going to blog about this topic. I’ve been all up in arms for the past 20 hours. Literally. Like fighting the air at random intervals and everything. Because people have been TRYING it. It …

Lil Kim Mulan
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About Lil Kim Now Looking Like Mulan…

Let’s talk about it. Really. Every time I see a picture of Lil Kim, I hit an internal *wall slide*. And sometimes ask myself “What is that?” Lil Kim ain’t fighting for nobody’s honor. WHY DOES SHE LOOK LIKE AN ASIAN CARTOON??? She used to be a Black woman! *throws …

Celine Dion All the Way
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Who Would I Pay to See in Concert?

I’m halfway through my LuvPrah 10,000 Facebook fans giveaway, and I’m having A BLAST with this! I hope you all are too. Everyday since last Wednesday, I’ve been giving out prizes on my fan page and to win, people have to answer a question. And then I pick at random …

Beyonce Bowl gif
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Beyonce, Shade and More: Thoughts on the 2013 Super Bowl

So ya know the Super Bowl was last night. GO *insert team name who won here*! You fought a good fight against *name of other team here*! I knew you’d win at the end! O_O Yes, and all that good stuff. As you can tell, I didn’t really care about …

MLK and Coretta Scott King kiss
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Coretta, Betty and Rita Get Props for Putting Up With Historical Groupon Peens

Yeah, I said it. YOLO! Last night was Lifetime’s movie Betty and Coretta about Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King, wives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. They were played by Mary J. Blige (who also executive produced) and Angela Bassett. Y’all know Angela can act so good she’d …

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That Time When Marques Houston Wore Rubber: Throwback Thursday

I’m not really sure what people think about when they made some terrible fashion decisions like they do. I mean, I get it. Sometimes, we don’t know better. Like the fact that I wore burnt braids that came down in an angle down my chin for half of the 90s. …