Serena Williams NYMag
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Dear Serena Williams, So You’re Just Gonna Be This Flawless Effortlessly? Ok.

Serena. I SAY, SERENA. GIRL STAHP. Why did you just do this to all of us? Your New York Magazine cover and editorial is the reason people write songs and poems and whatnots. I wanna pen some haikus and limericks in your honor because GAHTDAMB. I bet Common used one …

Drake Meek Mill Career RIP
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The Drake vs. Meek Mill Beef is a Lesson in Failing Successfully

It’s been about two weeks at this point, since the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef has been happening. In case you’re wondering “What is a Meek Mill?” or “Where can I get a Drake?” it’s ok. They’re both rappers. One of them used to resemble Lumiere the candlestick from Beauty …

Ciara and Future
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About Ciara, Future and The Inconsistent Hoe Label

It has been weeks since Future started his press tour that was supposed to be about his album but it turned into a junket about insulting his ex and one of the mothers (there’s like 4 or 5) of one of his children, Ciara. Long story short, he’s not pleased …

Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith
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5 Things That Will Happen Before Will and Jada Ever Divorce

All day today, Will and Jada Smith‘s names has been trending on social media. What now? Well, we’re told that after 17 years of marriage, the two are splitting up. The story has been picked up in several “reputable” media outlets, even though they all seem to be playing a …

Caitlin Jenner
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Caitlyn Jenner’s Debut on the Vanity Fair Cover Broke the Internet

As promised on the Diane Sawyer interview, there will come a time when Bruce Jenner will be no longer. That time is now, and it is being done in grand fashion. Caitlyn Jenner lives, making her public debut on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair (on newstands on June …

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About Friendship, The Auntie War and Good Tea

Chile, after yesterday’s monologue from Cheryl Lynn (again, that wasn’t a beef. One side not getting your messages is not a beef) about Anita Baker, we all got our fill in tea sipping. I blogged about it but I wasn’t done. So below are tweets from me and some few fellow …

Cheryl Lynn Anita Baker
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Because Cheryl Lynn Got Blocked By Anita Baker on Twitter

Last night, Cheryl Lynn took to Twitter to let us all know about how she’s been hurt by her old friend, Anita Baker, who has blocked her on Twitter. Two R&B aunties from days of yore. Let’s be clear. I do not call what happened a beef. One person tweeting …

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Step Away From the Jersey Onesies, Everyone

Two days ago, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj dropped a video on TIDAL. “Feeling Myself” took everyone by surprise and tried really hard to get folks to subscribe to TIDAL, even though 2 hours later it was already all over the web. Unless Jesus is gonna release the remix to the Ten …

Luvvie and Sir Elton John
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So I Met Sir Elton John Yesterday and OMG OMG OMG

I’ve been kinda MIA from these parts lately but those who follow me on social media know what I’ve been up to. I know everyone isn’t on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but when I’m quiet here, check there to see what I’m up to. ANYWHO, yesterday was glorious! I met Sir …

Bruce Jenner ABC Interview
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So I Watched Bruce Jenner’s ABC Interview

Last night was Bruce Jenner’s much anticipated interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, where he talked about his transitioning to a woman. Because of laziness (and it’s the weekend), I’ll just share my thoughts through my live-tweets of the show, below. If you can’t see them, look on Storify. [View the …