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Lady Gaga’s Latest Outfit is a Sight for Sore Eyes

Lady Gaga was honored at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards a couple of days ago. Remember when we were all fist pumping because of her make under that had her looking semi-normal and not like Halloween on speed allatahm? Well that seems done. Gaga stepped out the house …

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Jaden Smith’s Philosophical Tweets Are Socrates’ Worst Nightmare

The Smiths (Will and Jada an’ ‘em) are an interesting bunch but Jaden Smith is proving to be quite the newsworthy one. He’s BFFs with Justin Bieber (who seems to be tweaking more and more every day), he might be dating Kylie Jenner and all his pants seems to be …

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Prince and Patti’s Shoe: This Moment in Black Awesomeness

My girl VEG is a Prince fan and most importantly, a foolery enthusiast. And I’m tryna convince her to be writing for me once a week, in a column called “This Moment in Black Awesomeness.” Anywho, she wrote me the post below on request because she had me cackling in Facebook. …

Kerry Washington Pregnant
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My Cousin AdeKerry OluWashington is Pregnant and I’m Excited!

I called it months ago. My cousin by marriage to a stranger who just happens to be Nigerian like I am, Kerry Washington, is pregnant with her first child. I am so excited and our family have so much to be thankful for this year. There will be extra jollof …

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Kim Kardashian’s Yansh is Out on Instagram

Last night, Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram that made folks (men, women, sheep and goat) say GGGAAAHHHHTTTTDDDAAAMMMBBB!!! She’s rocking a onesie with a wedgie and giving us a backshot (HA!) in the pose we all did in 6th grade in that “BFFs FOREVER” group picture we took at Magic …

Kanye on Jimmy Kimmel
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So Kanye West was on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

Last night, Kanye West went on Jimmy Kimmel‘s show to talk about their recent beef. Some people think it was the most brilliant interview they’ve ever seen and some wanna get Kanye to his therapist ASAPtually. We’ve all become armchair psychiatrists in the process. Let me give a quick synopsis for …

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This Old Clip of Rihanna Singing is the Real Reason for Side-Eye

Rihanna is one of the biggest rock stars at this point because she’s young, beautiful and loves mayhem. And she happens to sing. Or at least she gets on a stage with a mic and notes come out of her mouth. So in THAT regard, sure you can call her …

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Kanye West’s Voice on Kris Jenner’s Show Has Me Perplexed

We all know that the Kanye West of now is a completely different man from the Late Registration and College Dropout Kanye. We need to get used to this version of him putting out Yeezus. He’s angrier, edgier, and wayyy less relatable. And he’s dating Kim Kardashian. And he’s a …

NSYNC Shiny suits
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NSYNC’s Shiny Suits and Lycra Shirts: Throwback Thursday

Afrobella dropped a link on my Facebook wall saying that *NSYNC is reuniting for the MTV VMAs this Sunday. I may or may not have started hit a bodyroll so serious that my back hurt afterwards. I was so damb excited! I. LOVE. ASTERISK NSYNC. Notice I say LOVE, not …

Lee Thompson Young
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Dear E! News, Lee Thompson Young’s Death and Yoruba “Religion” Link is Irresponsible

E! News is reporting that Lee Thompson Young’s suicide may have been result of his involvement with “Yoruba religion.” I’m reporting that they’re idiots. It’s pretty ballsy to insinuate this and it’s the biggest crock of bullshit. Methinks it demonizes Yoruba people as advocates for suicide. It’s irresponsible, full of bigotry and plays into the “Africans are barbaric” trope.