Luvvie and Thandie Newton
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Still Reveling in Joy From ESSENCE’s Black Women in Hollywood 2016

Every single time I’ve gone to the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, I’ve floated away from it. No, I don’t walk away from there. I glide on clouds because that room is nothing short of spell-binding. It puts you in a high that you can’t come down from for …

Highly exclusives for LuvvNation
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Introducing the Awesomely Luvvie Newsletter!

My peeps! This has been a long time coming and y’all have asked for it. I finally got stopped playing bald-headed games, and with the help of my awesome assistant (aka my co-goon) Alyssa, I am ready! I will be doing a bi-weekly (twice a month) newsletter. When I say it’s a …

Luvvie Hosts ATT 28Days Podcast
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My Moment That Matters and Episode 1 of the Podcast Series I Hosted

Sometimes, I get to do some really cool things. When AT&T came to me and said they wanted me to host their four-episode podcast series this Black History Month, that was certainly in the “ok that’s cool” box. I dropped a picture of me in the studio a couple of weeks …

Luvvie Dear Diary
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About Writing While Loving Blackness and Hurting White Feelings

Are you mad about this title? Keep reading. You’re probably the main one that needs to read this. It has been an interesting 5 days, since Beyonce dropped her Formation video and broke the internet. People (me included) have not been able to stop talking about it, and it has …

Carrie Bradshaw Wax
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Because You Need That Rude Waxer in Your Life

There comes a time in some women’s lives when we have an unhealthy co-dependent relationship that we refuse to give up. They cause us physical pain, tell us we look terrible, and that we need them. That relationship is between us and our aestheticians, who are our personal Mr. Miyagis (wax …

Luvvie 2015 Highlights
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My 2015 Highlights: Look Back on My Epic Year!

This year has been a bunch of WINS for me, and when people say it happened really fast, I remind them that I’m a 12-year overnight success. All the good things that came in 2015 for me were over a decade in the making. I do not take them for granted …

Team Red Pump
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Headed to Haiti for the Week for Red Pump Work!

Right now, I’m getting ready for my trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti tomorrow. Besides that fact that it will be my first time ever in Haiti, what makes this trip exciting is that I am going to represent The Red Pump Project, along with 2 of our team members (hey Brittani …

Awe Luv Tees Slideshow
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The Awesomely Luvvie x Tees in The Trap Collabo is Here!

In the last year, my graphic tee collection has been super dope, and that is partly because of Arsha Jones and her company Tees in the Trap. Her collection of pop culture references and hilarious phrases has brought me all the life that I needed. I even rocked one of …

Luvvie and the Dolphin Hug 2
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My Year of Yes, Saying No to Fear and Checking Off My Bucket List

It’s funny that a couple of weeks ago, I got sent a copy of Shonda Rhimes’ new book The Year of Yes. When you get an advanced copy of bae’s book. 🙌 Excited to dig into @shondarhimes‘ #YearofYes! You can pre-order now. — Awesomely Luvvie (@Luvvie) October 6, 2015 …

Luvvie Rosa Regale Houston
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Chicago! I’m Hosting an Empire Watch Party on Home Turf!

Hey boos! Last month, I had an Empire watch party in Houston with Rosa Regale and I had a blast! Over 200 people showed up to laugh, drink and have a great time with me as we watched the season premiere of the show. Makeup artist Kimberly Clark had my …