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Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett Photoshops Auntie Black Lady into Campaign Pic

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is seeking re-election and he’s campaigning hard for it. Word on the streets is that he hasn’t done well with getting people of color and other minorities to vote for him so he came up with a grander idea. Good ol’ Uncle Tom photoshopped an older …

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My State of the Union Tweets Weren’t About Politics

I’m basically the worst person to follow on Twitter during serious events because I’m really only there to tweet frivolously and give very little content-relevant commentary. To be fair, I warn people beforehand that I don’t be on nothing but shallowness and I direct them to better accounts to follow. …

Daily Show John Oliver

The Daily Show’s Segment on the Zimmerman Verdict is Why I Love Them

The Daily Show is one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV, and they always prove to be one of the most needed ones too. You’ll get a better take on the news by watching it than CNN any day, in my book. Their news might be “fake” but …

Hillary Clinton Twitter
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Hillary Clinton is Already Winning on Twitter

Hillary Clinton is now on Twitter, yall! And the lady is already rocking the place. Her bio is winning everything. I especially love “hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker.” You know Hillary perfected the mom bob like no one else. And her pantsuits are iconic in all their matronly glory. …

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Let a Protester Have It and I Approve!

People gon learn that folks got limits. According to the Washington Post, Michelle Obama was speaking at a private fundraiser when a lesbian activist named Ellen Hurtz kept interrupting her. She wanted POTUS Obama to sign an anti-discrimination executive order. Wells, that wasn’t the time for her to be showing …

Obama In Bangs

10 of President Obama’s Funniest Lines from Nerd Prom 2013

Last night was the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, nicknamed “Nerd Prom” for obvious reasons. Conan O’Brien hosted it but President Barack Obama stole the show. He actually walked up to it while DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win” was playing. It’s his 2nd term and BROBAMA is letting folks …

Senate Gun Control Bill Vote

WTF, Senate?!? You Had One Job! ONE JOB!

The U.S. Senate basically DEADED the bill expanding background checks for guns. 54 YAYs and 46 NAYs. The bill lost by 6 votes. SIX. GAHTDAMB. VOTES. The message that was just sent to 90% of Americans who supported this bill is “WE’ONT GIVE A DAMB WHATCHU WANT!” and “NRA PAYPALED US …

Kid President Obama

Kid President Meets the Real President. I’m Verklempt.

Kid President is a 9-year old boy named Robbie Novak who manages to have more compassion and optimism in his little body than most of us can muster up. And he’s inspiring and adorable and just awesome. I was introduced to him through this pep talk he gave us all, …

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Michelle Obama’s Side-Eye to John Boehner is Everything

While I was running the streets yesterday after Inauguration stuff, folks emailed me, tweeted me, and Facebooked me the same link over and over again. It was to this Gawker post with Michelle Obama’s reaction to John Boehner trying to talk to her during the lunch. I. GAHTDAMB. LIVE. Madame …

Sasha Obama Face

My President is Black, Michelle’s Coat is Blue: 5 Thoughts on the Inauguration

I was supposed to have published this post yesterday but I was running the streets all day so I wasn’t able. I did write one post though, about what the election meant to me. Did you read that? Aight go read it and come back. Anywho, here are some of …