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The 20 Greatest TV Show Theme Songs of All Time

I miss the times when TV show theme songs were big. Back when the opening credits was about laying the groundwork, giving you some context or just telling you the background story. We spent the first 1.5 minutes of each show just jamming, singing along and getting ready for our …

Black Girls Rock MO

Black Girls Rock 2015 Was Everything: Recap with (Mostly) Full Quotes

Black Girls Rock is awesome for the mere fact that it creates space for the celebration of Black womanhood, Black girlhood, Black femininity and Black girl magic. The organization (and show), created by Beverly Bond, takes time to honor us on a grand scale and that by itself is incredible. …

Mellie Hooch

Honor Thy Father: Scandal Episode 418 Recap

Let’s get into last night’s Scandal, folks! Team Takedown – David is still hellbent on pursuing B613 and Jake tells him that if they do, they’re all going to die. He wants State Farm to sign the document promising him immunity and he gets slammed on a table and told …

The Wiz

Who Should They Cast in the Live Version of The Wiz on NBC?

NBC just announced that they will be bringing a live action version of The Wiz to TV screens near us on December 3. Then the show will be revived on Broadway in 2016 in partnership with Cirque du Soleil. YESSSSSS!!! This news made me hit a jig. The original film …

Scandal ABC 7

Put A Ring On It: Scandal Episode 417 Recap

I’m tardy for the pordee posting this Scandal episode recap but better later than never, right? Also, you could have read my Vulture one by now. This episode was directed by the awesome Regina King. Let’s talk about it! Michael Mischief – The Gladiators are summoned in the middle of …

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Dear Nellie Andreeva and Deadline, About Your Piece on Too Much “Ethnic Casting” on TV

Yesterday, Deadline’s TV editor Nellie Andreeva posted a piece titled “Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time Or Too Much Of Good Thing?” This headline wasn’t click-bait because it captured exactly what the writer was trying to say: that TV is getting too Black and maybe it should …

United states of Kink

It’s Good to Be Kink: Scandal Episode 416 Recap

People love smut and Scandal brought some sexual healing into last night’s episode. Let’s talk about it, Gladiators! Dustbuster – Abby is flipping OUT at Leo and calling him disgusting. He reminds her “I’ve been between the sheets with you. You’ve taught me some things.” OWWW I see you, Prof …

Empire Logo

Empire’s Season Finale Was Two Hours of Grand Drama

What Lee Daniels’ newest show Empire has managed to do is no small feat. Their soundtrack is currently the #1 music album in the country, beating out Madonna’s latest release. And the new show is the #1 show on the Big 4 networks, breaking its own rating records week after …

Susan Ross Fail

The Testimony of Diego Munoz: Scandal Episode 415 Recap

Olivia’s friends love coming to her when they need help but ain’t nobody gon drag her to therapy like they need to? Oh ok, den. Let’s talk about last night’s Scandal, doe. Almost Doesn’t Count – Susan Ross let President Ghost and Mellie talk her into accepting their nomination of …

Fix This

The Lawn Chair Over Justice for Brandon: Scandal Episode 414 Recap

I am a firm believer in using your platform to say things boldly, even when they’re uncomfortable and when they make people wince by throwing the truth back in their faces. This last episode of Scandal was the most important one they’ve ever done, being audacious enough to use it’s primetime to …