Obama Ferns Jumbo

Zach Galifianakis Interview of President Obama on Between Two Ferns Wins Today

If there’s only one video you watch today, it needs to be of the interview that Zach Galifianakis did with President Barack Obama on his Funny Or Die show Between Two Ferns. I’ve watched it at least 3 times and each time, I cackle because it is hilarity personified. Between …

Fruitcake Lady

The Fruitcake Lady Had Life Advice for Us All

Marie Rudisill was called the Fruitcake Lady and folks used to tune into the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to hear her advice. And lowkey, she’s me in 60 years. I enjoy her and I aspire to be this kinda old lady. The kind who gives no dambs about feelings. I’m …

Nigerian prayer

Nigerian People are Prayer Warriors and These Videos Have Me Howling

I’m getting ready for my trip to Nigeria all this week so I won’t have a chance to write a lotta posts. BUT foolery still surrounds me and I must share it with y’all. Us Nigerian people are a passionate lot, and we love us some Jesus (well, those who …


IceJJFish on YouTube Has the Voice for Mute

My friends are the worst, because they won’t let me live a life lacking of YouTube foolery. Every time they send me a link or drop a video in my inbox, I know what I’ma see is gonna make me facepalm. But I can’t help it. I was introduced to …

RadioShack SuperBowl

My 10 Favorite Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

The ads are as much of a draw as the game itself so I watched the Super Bowl and missed most of the ads. Brands were paying over $4 million per commercial, and that was just for the 30 second spots. ALL THE MONIES! During the game, I ended up …

bound 3 james franco seth rogen
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James Franco and Seth Rogen Win for Recreating Bound 2

Kanye West released the Bound 2 video last week and everyone realized that Old Kanye’s dead, our diva’s gone. The video was just awful. However, diamonds can come from coal and James Franco and Seth Rogen have blessed us all. They recreated the video shot by shot and it’s nothing …

Kanye Kim bound

Yeah, I Watched Kanye West’s Bound 2 Video

So Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continue to make the world collectively side-eye their antics. I am impressed at their ability to do what they want with reckless (and I mean reckless) abandon. That’s ballsy. They have no fucks to give about what we think and that is commendable of …

Jean Claude Van Damme Split
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Jean Claude Van DAMME He Did That!

Have y’all seen the sickest ad that has come out in recent history? If you haven’t, then you need to. Jean Claude Van Damme, original action movie goon collaborated with Volvo for a commercial about their new trucks with power steering. And he basically told us that we all need …

Clifford Owusu

Reason Africans Don’t Answer Phone Calls Has Me CACKLING

Clifford Owusu’s YouTube video has me cracking up. It’s called “Reason Africans Don’t Answer Phone Calls.” Watch, laugh and learn to move your body like him. SON. LMAOOOO! That is a man after my own heart! HE WAS GETTING ALL HIS LIFE! I LOVE how African men dance. CHEI! My …

Cartoon Scandal 2

Cartoon Scandal Has Slayed Me and You Must Watch

It’s SCANDAL Thursday, y’all! I hope you’re getting ready for tonight, because you know we got some stuff waiting for us. If you haven’t caught my recap from last week, you better getchu a piece of Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington! Anywho, you know us Gladiators go really hard in …