President Obama WHCD 2016

15 Best Jokes From President Obama at His Final Nerd Prom

The 2016 White House Correspondent Dinner (aka Nerd Prom) was bittersweet because it was President Barack Obama’s final one. It’s definitely one event to look forward to every year because he lets loose and roasts the hell outta Washington DC’s finest: the media, Congress, and himself. My only regret in life …

Game of Thrones season 6

The Red Woman: Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 1 Recap

I’ve been fiending for Game of Thrones since they left us last season with our collective hearts broken. I LEGIT flipped out and screamed when the camera zoomed in on Jon’s face, lifeless and surrounded by blood. This is how they gon do us, huh??? This is the first season …

Beyonce Lemonade
Famous folksMusic

Beyoncé’s LEMONADE is Sweet Tea

This is a far cry from “Crazy in Love” Bonnie and Clyde Beyoncé. Hell, it’s a ways away from the FLAWLESS Beyoncé. She had a growth spurt. You know when your kid goes to summer camp in June and when they return in August, you barely recognize them? Yes. Bey. …

Prince Shade
Famous folks

Because Prince Would Want Us To Be Petty Right Now

Prince wasn’t just one of the greatest musicians of our lifetime. He was also a Shade Savant. The Side-Eye Slayer. He was clearly full of jokes and he also didn’t have time for bullshit. This is why so many Prince memes and GIFs exist. He didn’t throw shade. NAH. He …

Prince Rogers Nelson
Famous folks

Prince is Gone and I Don’t Understand

The world can definitely implode in 120 minutes. Today, I got on a flight to head to Atlanta and all was well. When I landed and turned on my phone, the world flipped inside out as I heard that Prince Rogers Nelson had gone on to glory. I literally said “Nah. …

Harriet Tubman Face

Harriet Tubman is About To Be on the $20 Bill Because It’s the Blackest Year Ever

Listen. By now, you should already know that 2016 is turning out to be the Blackest Year EVER. I already wrote a post on how February was the Blackest Black History Month on the record books, and we have kept it going. Why? Because this is Black History Year. It’s …

CultureSocial Media

Snapchat is Weird and This Bob Marley Filter is Daft

Sometimes, I feel all old and cantankerous, because even as a digital strategist, I’ve resisted Snapchat for a while. I signed on early on and never really liked it. It was like Google Wave (remember that?) for me. You get on Snapchat and post video or pics of moments in …

My Life

Tax Season is My Dementor: Who Needs a Soul and a Savings Account?

Today is tax day. It is also also known as “the day when I’m so unable to CAN that I refuse to CAN and my accountant already knows so she filed an extension for me.” I hate tax season with the intensity of 1,000 papercuts. HATE HATE HATE. This is …

Buzzfeed Presents Trash

BuzzFeed’s “Questions Black People Have For Other Black People” Video is Appalling

I like BuzzFeed, and lawd knows I’ve spent endless hours watching their videos on Facebook. But they are not strangers to controversy about their content, with accusations of plagiarism, or just plain old ignorance. They scrape content with the best of them sometimes. However, the company has redefined how we …

Luvvie and Oprah 2
Famous folksMy Life

So That Happened: I Met Oprah!

One of my favorite quotes ever is from one of my favorite books ever, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” If that ain’t the doggone truth! That’s at the core of my work, and the magic …


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