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It’s Hard Out Here for a General: Scandal Episode 510 Recap

SCANDAL IS BACK, SNITCHES!!! I wrote a piece the other day on what I’ve thought the trailer meant, so read that. But let’s get right to it. I’m thirsty. Dining Pope – We land 6 months past where we left, and Sally Langston is still being Petty Labelle on her …

Luvvie Hosts ATT 28Days Podcast
My Life

My Moment That Matters and Episode 1 of the Podcast Series I Hosted

Sometimes, I get to do some really cool things. When AT&T came to me and said they wanted me to host their four-episode podcast series this Black History Month, that was certainly in the “ok that’s cool” box. I dropped a picture of me in the studio a couple of weeks …

Scandal Gladiators Red Trench

Scandal is Back Tomorrow But Old Olivia Might Be Gone

Chile… now you know the last two months without my Gladiator baes of Scandal have been tough. Thursdays ain’t been the same since Olivia Pope and her crew of Misfit Toys left us for winter break. Tomorrow, though? They are gonna be back, snatching all our edges and making us …

Luvvie Dear Diary
CultureMy Life

About Writing While Loving Blackness and Hurting White Feelings

Are you mad about this title? Keep reading. You’re probably the main one that needs to read this. It has been an interesting 5 days, since Beyonce dropped her Formation video and broke the internet. People (me included) have not been able to stop talking about it, and it has …

GOP Entrance Fail

The GOP Candidates Debate Entrance Fail is a Gift

All we have in this world of sin and frustrating election season is the ability to laugh at the absurdity of it all. None of this shit makes sense, and at this point, I’m almost convinced that we’re all being Punk’d. But knowing we’re not makes me wanna sit on …

Formation collection beyonce
Famous folksMusic

Beyonce’s Formation is Her Best Thing Yet and it’s the IDGAF Anthem

I have always been a fan of Beyonce and respected her work. I’ve loved many a song. But I’ve never been a member of the BeyHive. I was in that group that liked her enough but stood on the sidelines as people debated if she ruled just Earth or Venus too. I …

This is Zola. And I hope she's getting paid for this film
CultureMoviesSocial Media

Sounds Like James Franco is Columbussing Zola’s Story (UPDATE: Zola is Involved)

Remember the chaos-filled story that a stripped named Zola tweeted (read: Lessons from Zola’s Story: The Great Saga of Trapping and Mayhem)? Of course you do. The epic tale took us all by storm and the internet spent like a week talking about it, which by today’s standards is a long time …

People V OJ Simpson

The People vs. OJ Simpson: Episode 1 Recap

FX’s The People v. OJ Simpson 16-episode series premiered last night, pulling us into the chaos of the “trial of the century.” It’s one of those things that people remember where they were as it went down. As the white Bronco sped through the highway, as he tried on the …

Iowa Caucus 2016

The Night of the 2016 Iowa Caucus Was Long and Treacherous

Yesterday was the highly-anticipated Iowa Caucus, where a small state with really white people somehow predict who the final nominees for the parties will be. And it’s the first caucus of the season and people try to win delegates and OMG I JUST FELL ASLEEP FROM TYPING THOSE SENTENCES. Long story short, …

Frederick Douglass Google Doodle
CultureFamous folks

Frederick Douglass’ Hair on Google Welcomes You to Black History Month

I woke up this morning excited because I knew Google would change their doodle to commemorate the start of Black History Month. Last year, it was a graphic of Harriet Tubman holding a lantern, being a freedom queen. I dug it. But THIS year? They got Frederick Douglass front and …


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