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Paris is Burning: Scandal Episode 503 Recap

Season 5 of Scandal has brought on clue-dropping through the emoji following the #Scandal hashtag on Twitter. Episode 1 was an emoji of a black woman and white man with a heart between them (clearly Fitz and Liv). Episode 2 was a red power tool (because Gavin tried to use …

Luvvie Rosa Regale Houston
My LifeTV

Chicago! I’m Hosting an Empire Watch Party on Home Turf!

Hey boos! Last month, I had an Empire watch party in Houston with Rosa Regale and I had a blast! Over 200 people showed up to laugh, drink and have a great time with me as we watched the season premiere of the show. Makeup artist Kimberly Clark had my …

Cocaine Apartment

About the Cocaine Apartment and the Tender Reporting of a White Victim

The media doesn’t even TRY to ACT like it isn’t engaging in shady ass biased practices anymore. We are all clear that press has never been objective, and outlets lean one way or another, based on who is behind them and the people they hire. They have set agendas and …

Victor-Cruz-Elaina Watley
Famous folks

Victor Cruz’s Fiancee Elaina and the Mass Text Pigeon Summit

Love is deaf, dumb and blind. It has us looking stupid as hell sometimes, and doing ill-advised things that heart-sober us would not do. NFL football player Victor Cruz is apparently loose in the pants even though he has a fiancee. Word on the streets is that Elaina Watley, his fiancee …

Cosmopolitan Kardashians
Famous folksLetter

Dear Cosmopolitan, The Kardashians are Nobody’s First Family

Let me tell you something. The devil be hard at work outchea, y’all. He wants us to get ulcers and high blood pressure because that is the only thing I can think of when Cosmopolitan decided to have their latest cover feature the Kardashians, and the headline being “America’s First …

Bear Flips Table

This Black Bear is the Real MVP for the Kayak Payback

Some videos bless you by making you howl like someone stepped on your foot. The one of this pissed off black bear who let a kayak feel its wrath has been cracking me up for about 5 good days. So this lady went on some long distance kayaking trip in …

President Poped

Yes: Scandal Episode 502 Recap

Scandal has done one thing well in all its seasons, and that is to keep throwing curveballs where you don’t expect. We might have gotten better at solving the cases Olivia and them get but they have kept me on my toes. The ending of this episode was a good …

Scandal Season 5 logo

Heavy is the Head: Scandal Season 5 Premiere Recap

Scandal (and the entire TGIT lineup) is back and I was so damb ready. You know when you don’t realize how sleepy you are but when you hit the bed, the next thing that happens is you wake up 7 hours later with your shoes still on? That was me. …

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Regina, Uzo, Viola and The Blackest Emmy Awards Ever

I (and countless others) have spent years complaining about the monochrome Emmy Awards (read: my post on 2013 Emmy Awards Embodied TV’s White Problem). It is usually a show that is white people giving other white people every award, and the audience is sprinkled with a few Black and brown …

Eddie Long All White Three Wise Men

Eddie Long, All-White Party and Youth Ministry Clothes: An Epic Roast

So a picture dropped the other day that blessed me tremendously. It was of three older Black men in all white. I thought they looked like what would happen if the three wise men decided to go to a Frankie Beverly and Maze Concert before they went to visit Baby …


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