Scandal ABC 7

Run: Scandal Episode 410 Recap

I’m so glad I had put on extra deodorant and applied a good layer of Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my edges for the return of Scandal last night. I ate a filling meal beforehand so my energy levels and sugar could be right. I figured since Scandal had been …

Zamunda Name Tag
My Life

Someone Sent Me a Business Email Addressed “Hi Zamunda…”

I am Luvvie everywhere on these interwebs and offline. I am HELLA Google-able and easy to find. My site is called I am @Luvvie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. LUVVIE LUVVIE LUVVIE. So… two days ago, I get an email that made me roll my eyes so hard that  needed …

Chris Brown Fan Read 2
Famous folksSocial Media

The Angry Trey Songz Fan Who Went Off on Chris Brown on Instagram Has Me Howling

You know that dude who you were rooting for way back when but he just cannot seem to get his ish together because he is hellbent on being a perpetual delinquent? That is Chris Brown. Homeboy STAYS in trouble and can’t seem to get right. Chris is supposed to be …

Obama Heels
Whose is this?

Whose Aunty’s Obama Heels Are These?

My boy Darell J. hunt is forever blessing me with his sayings, and sometimes, he blesses me with a picture that keeps on giving. He uploaded a picture of someone’s Obama heel and I got my life. Because like he says, you cannot outdo Black people. Chile, your aunty put on …

idea better gif
Social Media

About Owning Your Ideas and Giving Them Permanence Away from Social Media

Ownership is wealth, and I want us to own our work, in all forms. To do that, we need to take them out of free platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So here’s my latest rant. If you cannot view it below, check out About Owning Your Ideas and Giving …

Coretta Scott King EBONY

Dear Johnson Publishing Company, About Selling Your Photo Archives

I had to write this sternly-worded letter because NAWL! Dear Johnson Publishing Company, I read a story in the Chicago Tribune called “Johnson Publishing to sell historic photo archive” and I had to write you a letter because my spirit was bothered. I posted it on Facebook and everyone did …

Whitney Movie Lifetime

The Whitney Houston Movie on Lifetime Was Wrongly Named: My Review

The much-talked about Whitney Houston movie came on Lifetime yesterday and we all know how their track record with biopics is less than stellar (read: downright a mess). But, I had hope that this would be a good one because Angela Bassett was directing, and Yaya Dacosta as Whitney in …

Luvvie Toyota Takover

Join Me for the Twitter Takeover of the Toyota Showcase Account to Live-Tweet the Whitney Houston Biopic!

My people! Tomorrow evening (or today, depending on when you see this. But I mean Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015) is the premiere of the Whitney Houston biopic on Lifetime and you know how much I love me some Nippy. I can’t miss it, and I’m bracing myself for what is …

Struggle feets aunty
Whose is this?

Whose Aunty is This With the Struggle Feet in White Kitten Heels?

Chile, sometimes we step out the house looking like whodunnit and why. This is why we need friends who can set us straight sometimes. The friends who will say “Where are you going looking like you look? I will not allow it because you will not embarrass me.” Well, someone’s …


I Am Not Charlie. Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie.

On January 3, 2015, Boko Haram men went to the city of Baga and killed up to an estimated 2,000 people, mostly civilians. They ravaged the town, burning down buildings and leaving the largest body count they have yet. This is their deadliest act in their reign of terror in …


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