Smelly Mellie Scandal

Like Father, Like Daughter: Scandal Episode 404 Recap

The Hooked on Phonics Convention happened on last night’s Scandal episode because the amount of reading that went down was epic! Not only was the library open, but everyone got a book to take home after their life was read for filth! Chile, let’s talk about it! By the way, …

Brandy Yoyo Queen Latifah MC Lyte

Brandy, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Yo-Yo Performing “I Wanna Be Down” Was Everything!

I did not watch the BET Hip Hop Awards last night because I forgot and nobody reminds me of anything anymore (*side-eyes everyone*). Plus I had work to do. I’m catching up with some of what I missed (amen, YouTube) and I got my entire LIFE with the performance that …

dear white people 2

I’m So Ready to See Dear White People!

Chile, I’ve been excited about the movie Dear White People since I first heard about it. Created by young Black people (writer and director Justin Simien, producer Lena Waithe) and giving in-your-face commentary on racial dynamics in the United States. Looking around right now at what’s happening in Ferguson, you can …

Dear Brands

Dear Brands Who Want to Pay Me (and Other Bloggers) in “Exposure”

All that glitters ain’t gold and a lot of bloggers have prestige without matching pockets. Many of us are fighting an uphill battle because we constantly have to prove that we’ve earned a seat at the table. And far too often, brands do not really value us like they should, …

TGIT Shondaland

The Case For Rearranging #TGIT on ABC Next Season

Yesterday was the third week of TGIT (aka Thank God It’s Thursday), which is ShondaLand’s three hour of slaying us every Thursday night on ABC. At this point, she’s co-owner of my eyebrows because she stays snatching it after she goes for my edges. TGIT goes: * Grey’s Anatomy – 8/7 …

Rowan Pope scandal

Inside the Bubble: Scandal Episode 403 Recap

Scandal season 4 is back to getting the Gladiators to gladiate again and I’m really a fan of the fact that Olivia isn’t falling apart in every episode. Anywho, let’s talk about episode 3. Handle It – Lizzie Bear drops off her daughter at school when a shady-looking man rolls …

FashionMy Life

Team NO CHILL: Rep Your Set With These

There are many of us who are chill-deficient and I think it’s time for us to claim what we are: members of Team NO CHILL! My blog readers (aka LuvvNation) are especially executive board members of this club so I thought it was only right that I allow us to …

Your Fault Boo Boo
CultureFamous folksLetter

Dear Raven Symone, About You Being “Colorless”… NOPE.

Because Raven Symone has earned a sternly-worded letter with the interview she did with Oprah on OWN this weekend. Dear Raven Symone, Hey girl, hey. Let’s talk about this interview you did with Mother Oprah and those things you said about not liking to be labeled. GWIRL STAHP! First, lemme …

key peele gay wedding advice

Key and Peele’s Gay Wedding Advice Has Me Howling

Key and Peele are geniuses. I love them so much because they’re fearless in their humor but still incredibly smart and thoughtful. You gotta see their sketch on the crazy names of football players. They’re truly everything that makes comedy important. I saw a sketch from them is about a family who …

Scandal Season 4

The State of the Union: Scandal Episode 402 Recap

Let’s just get right into this latest episode of Scandal. Booty Calls – Liv and Jake go running and he tells her he booked them a hotel suite for booty calls. Do you see why he is perpetually been shutdown? He don’t know his place. Ever. HA! She tells him …


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