Kanye West Concert
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Kanye West Calls Out Fan in Wheelchair For Not Standing Up at Concert. Ugh.

Kanye West is a giant douchecanoe. So many antics, so little accountability and people got so many excuses for him (he’s a genius. He’s misunderstood. He lost his mother). The latest in a long list of “WTF, Kanye?” is what happened at a concert he had on Friday in Sydney, …

Mom Interrupts Video

Parents Just Don’t Understand: Music Video Shoot Interrupted

When we’re good and grown, it’s best if we let our parents in on when we want to use their stuff for commercial purposes or embarrassment might happen. Watch the video below and cackle with me. *DEAD* He was really getting into the emotions of whatever song and he was …

Eating Sloth

This Sloth is My Spirit Animal and the Spirit of Every Friday

Some of us don’t know how to chill enough. Our relaxing game is lacking and we need to get it all the way together! This sloth lacks any dambs to give. It’s all kicked back and grabbing carrots like a BAWSE even though it can’t be bothered to move its …

Courtney Jason Married at First sight Decision

Let’s Talk About the Married at First Sight Season 1 Finale

I fell in love with FYI’s Married at First Sight on first sight. By the end of episode 1, I was already hooked. After seeing 3 episodes of the social experiment, I was rooting for the couples, I figured out who would probably make it and I was invested in their …

Alex Trebek Moustache
Famous folks

Alex Trebek Brought Back His Mouth Hat and All is Right

I’m a fan of facial hair on men. I think it really upgrades them. In fact, I don’t trust a man who doesn’t have any facial hair. I feel like their face is trying to tell is something. I know I’m shallow. The Beard Gang is my favorite gang. Cuz: HEYYYYY. One …

Scandal Season 4 promo cast

What is the Scandal Season 4 Cast Photo Trying To Tell Us?

September 25th is THE DAY! In two and a half weeks, Scandal season 4 premieres and I AM GEEKED. Just released today is the cast’s promo picture for it and they’re dressed up all fancy like they’re going to a bad ass prom. Katie Lowes even hashtagged the picture with #ScandalProm. …

Ray Rice Janay Palmer

About Ray Rice’s Elevator Video, Domestic Violence and the Denial of Black Women’s Humanity

That woman could have died. The video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee (now wife), Janay Palmer in an elevator on February 15 has been released by TMZ. Janay lunged at him and he punched her with all his might right in the face. She fell immediately, hitting the elevator …

Break-Spirit-Airlines 2

Break Your Spirit Airlines is THE WORST! Like the Green Ketchup of the Skies

I hate Spirit Airlines with the intensity of 1,000 African suns at high noon! You should know by now that Spirit Airlines is my archnemesis because they make Soul Plane look like Virgin Atlantic and I never let an opportunity to roast them to pieces pass me by. It’s in my Life …

Regrets Tattoo
Whose is this?

Whose Regretful Tattoo Is This?

People are idiots far too often. The person whose tattoo is below is a dummy. Not because they cannot spell, but because they didn’t think to double-check the spelling of their tattoo KNOWING they’re correct spelling-deficient. “NO REGERTS.” Oh ok, sir. Between the tattoo artist who put this ink on …

unauthorized saved-by-the-bell lifetime

So I Watched Lifetime’s Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story

I was 5 in 1990 when Saved by the Bell got its start and I haven’t seen too many behind-the-scenes specials on it. I’ve watched (and continue to watch) reruns of SBTB throughout the years and like many 80s kids, I’m a huge fan of the kids of Bayside High. …


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