Bill on Capitol Hill

I’m Just A Bill and Papa Pope is Back: Scandal Episode 419 Recap

Shoutout to the Scandal team for the Schoolhouse Rock hat tip on the title of this episode: “I’m just a bill.” Check out my Vulture recap for the short! Wine and Read – Papa Pope is back and he’s sitting in Olivia’s crib drinking her good wine. She’s pissed because …


First Gen Show is Singing My Life With Its Snark

We’re the experts of our experiences and the best storytellers of the lives we live. When we see our stories not being reflected, we should tell them. I was born and bred in Nigeria but I’ve been here since I was young. Being a first generation Nigerian-American is interesting because no …

Essence Mag Mara Shonda Debbie Ava Issa
Famous folks

ESSENCE Magazine’s Cover with Ava, Issa, Shonda, Debbie and Mara is EVERYTHING!

Lemme tell you something, ESSENCE Magazine. Why must I have to buy each of your issues TWICE? Why, I ask? Lawdt. The magazine is celebrating it’s 45th anniversary with the May 2015 issue. The cover is the dopest, featuring Shonda Rhimes, Ava DuVernay, Mara Brock Akil, Issa Rae and Debbie Allen. …

Madonna Kissed Drake
Famous folks

Madonna Kissed Drake and No One Has Chill

By now, you’ve probably seen the kiss that made the entire internet cringe: Madonna sucked Drake’s face at Coachella the other night. All I know is she Madonna gotta stop using her tongue like it’s a Purell Wet Wipe. Drake is in my thoughts, y’all We gotta lift bruh up …

game of thrones background small

The Wars to Come: Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere Recap

Game of Thrones is back and as chill-deficient ever. The season 5 premiere episode let us know that there is no plan to slow down the chaos in Westeros. In fact, things are getting ultra real. Everybody is currently in the midst of disarray, and no one is on anything …

About Images of Black Death and the

About Images of Black Death and the Groundhog Day of Police Brutality

Have you heard of the Black man named Eric who police had pinned to the concrete and he told them he can’t breathe and they didn’t give a shit and we watched his last moments on video because he shortly after he said that? Oh no, I’m not talking about …

Luvvie Game of Thrones

I’m So Ready for Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere Tonight!

Tonight is the long-awaited premiere of season 5 of Game of Thrones and I AM SO READY!!! The folks of Westeros will be back with a vengeance and I’m ready to slide off my chair. I had to re-read my recap of the finale of season 4 of Game of …

Preach Pennsatucky

Petty Prayers You Might Need One Day

There are times when people make you so mad that you just want to wish bad things on them. But not really bad things like cancer because that would be evil and your name is not Voldemort. I’m talking about the petty things that will grind their geas and annoy …

Top TV Theme Songs
MusicThrowback ThursdayTVVideos

The 20 Greatest TV Show Theme Songs of All Time

I miss the times when TV show theme songs were big. Back when the opening credits was about laying the groundwork, giving you some context or just telling you the background story. We spent the first 1.5 minutes of each show just jamming, singing along and getting ready for our …

Luvvie BAKE meetup 2
My LifeTravel

My Meetup with BAKE in Nairobi, Kenya Was Fantastic!

Last month, I visited Kenya for the first time ever. It has always been on my list of countries I needed to go, not only because I have Kenyan friends but I have a large readership there. In fact, Kenya is ranked number 5 on the countries where my site …


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