About #BlackOutFriday and How Some People are Missing the Point

Today is Black Friday, the annual shopping gluttony day where we all bless each other with new things that are 50-70% cheaper than normal but not really because they made them 50% more expensive just to give us a 40% discount. Some of us go to WalMart to risk being trampled …

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#ThingsMoreHurtThanDarrenWilson, Like Papercuts and Ovulation: Twitter’s Roast

Yesterday, I cussed more than I ever have in my life. I was dropping all types of F-bombs. I kept yelling “FUCKKKKK” at random intervals after learning that Darren Wilson would not be getting indicted. FUCK EVERYTHING. FUCK IT ALL. ALL OF IT. I mean, I KNEW it was coming. …

Bitch Baby Cy

Where the Sun Don’t Shine: Scandal Season 4 Winter Finale Recap

Ooooo chile! January 29, 2015 can’t come fast enough because Scandal left me wondering where I left my good wig. I HAZ SO MANY THOUGHTS! Let’s jump right in. Charge Her – Olivia is sitting in the Oval Office looking shell-shocked and Jake and Fitz talk about what the hell …

Scandal Spreecast

Join Me for the Scandal Winter Finale Pordee Tonight on Spreecast

Tonight is ABC’s #TGIT lineup winter finale, and most importantly, Scandal will be done for the year. What this means is that Shonda is going to snatch every edge we all have left and we’re going to need to get on a regimen of Jamaican castor oil temple rubs to …

Solange Wedding
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Solange Has Won at Weddining

Today, Solange Knowles got married to her longtime LAVAH Alan Ferguson in New Orleans and pictures dropped and everyone has lost their minds. Why? BECAUSE SO MUCH FIERCENESS! Looking like the angels in the thug mansion that Tupac was talmbout. I’m so here for this picture. *I* wanna get Solange’s …

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#LifetimeBiopics and #LifetimeBeLike are the Hashtags You Need After the Aaliyah Movie

The Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime happened tonight and I missed it but it’s coming on again so I’ll DVR to watch tomorrow. Anywho, folks say it’s so bad that the word “bad” is offended that it’s even associated with the movie. And to think. The Whitney Houston biopic is still …


Who is the Grandest Goon? Rowan Pope, Frank Underwood or Gus Fring?

3 of the most binge-watch worthy shows on television in the last 4 years gotta be Breaking Bad, Scandal and House of Cards. Many a weekend have been lost in front of NetFlix, watching episodes back-to-back because those shows are thrilling. But all three shows are also amazing because they have …

Friends with Jake

The Last Supper: Scandal Episode 408 Recap

Take all my edges then, Scandal. I don’t need them. I’ll just wear visors more often. Let’s talk about this episode. The Petty Triangle – The three non-amigos are in the bunker trying to figure out what their next move needs to be now that Fitz knows Jake is innocent. …

Delivered Love a Women

He is Delivert. He Don’t Like Mens No More. He Likes A Women

You’ve probably seen the video by now but in case you haven’t, then you need to. A man went to the COGIC 107th Holy Convocation and announced that he was there to get delivered. From what? From #TheGeigh. Watch the vid. Get your life. *DEAD* “I’m not GAY NO MORE. …

Kim Kardashian Paper Mag Nude
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Kim Kardashian’s Paper Mag Nude Shoot Bores Me, But(t)…

Let me save some people some trouble and just start by saying that Kim Kardashian knows how to get our attention and she wants publicity and she gets it and yes we are all sheep for talking about it and you’re the noble one for not caring enough about it …


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