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I’m on Work Break for Most of July!

My peoples! Just here to quickly let y’all know I’m on work break until last week of July so I can recharge and work against the brain drain I feel from working too much in the last few months. What this means is: No blog posts or writing of pieces …

My Life

Catch Me at EssenceFest This Weekend!

The 2017 ESSENCE Festival is this weekend in New Orleanand I’m HYPED! I look forward to ESSENCE Fest every year, but this year is extra special because I’m proud to be a featured speaker and panelist! I’m in amazing company with people like Iyanla Vanzant, Ava DuVernay and Auntie Cissy Houston, Congresswoman Maxine …


About Why the Heritage Holds the Cure

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of issues in the world that we don’t think about every day, but they’re silently affecting our well-being. It’s not until things come to our door steps that we pay attention. It’s of no fault of our own, of course, because when everything feels …

iMac Pro

Apple’s New iMac Pro Better Turn My House into a Home for that $5,000

Listen. I’m a fan of Apple products and I have given them A LOT of money over the years. Yesterday was Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and they announced a new slate of products. You know I was ready to see them offer the same products as last year …

melania trump

Is Melania Trump Getting Federally-Funded Side Peen?

Lemme tell you something. I haven’t started the new season of House of Cards yet because I honestly feel like we’re living in it. Double dose of it might be TEW MUCH. This Trump administration is like Primetime Fuckshit. On the bad part, everything is crumbling and the world is …

NATO G7 Leaders

The NATO G7 Summit Group Texts We Won’t Get To See

In how many countries and at how many occasions can the Fanta Fascist thoroughly embarrass himself and therefore us American citizens? Because, so far this week we have at least 4. The NATO G7 Summit began yesterday and the idiot with our nuclear codes showed up and showed out in …


The Pope Meeting The Trumps is All Of Us

This international tour that Cantaloupe Caillou is on will not stop providing moments of memes. It will not stop reminding us that we (well, yall. I know who I voted for) have elected Sunburned Stalin to represent us all on the global stage and it is the biggest mistake ever …

Melania donald trump

Melania Trump is Still Wack But Her Hand Holding Block Game is Strong

In these times, we must find joy in the most unlikely places. Because half the time I’m just praying for the beast with no neck that the book of Revelations promised us to come down and end the misery of Donald Trump the Shitstain of Life running this place. In …


Rompers for Men: I’m Here For Thigh Meats Season!

The talk about rompers for men has taken over social media. It started when some Chicago folks launched a Kickstarter for something called the RompHim, which is basically mid-thigh rompers for men. It’s just in time to kick off the summer. Well, that Kickstarter has raised over $219,000 in 4 …

Luvvie Meets Michelle Obama 1
Famous folks

So I Met FLOTUS Michelle Obama and Her Hug Felt Like World Peace

During the Obama Administration *thinks back fondly as she weeps bitterly* I went to the White House about 6 or 7 times. In fact, in their last year in office, I was there 4 times and spoke 3 times. I even swag-surfed on the WH lawn during SXSL. Yet and still, I never …


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