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Headed to Haiti for the Week for Red Pump Work!

Right now, I’m getting ready for my trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti tomorrow. Besides that fact that it will be my first time ever in Haiti, what makes this trip exciting is that I am going to represent The Red Pump Project, along with 2 of our team members (hey Brittani …

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The Awesomely Luvvie x Tees in The Trap Collabo is Here!

In the last year, my graphic tee collection has been super dope, and that is partly because of Arsha Jones and her company Tees in the Trap. Her collection of pop culture references and hilarious phrases has brought me all the life that I needed. I even rocked one of …

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So I Watched Chi-Raq the Movie: My Review

Spike Lee has never been known for his subtlety as a filmmaker and that is surely not going to change with his latest movie, Chi-Raq. The title is in your face, and so is everything else about it. It’s a film that has been drowning in controversy since it was …

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#ThanksgivingClapback Hashtag is the Hilarity You Need Right Now

There’s so much turmoil and chaos happening right now in the world. It’s been on DIS TEW MUCH levels for weeks, and the release of the LaQuan McDonald execution video took it over the edge. What Twitter does very well in times like this is serve as a distraction. This …

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Scandal Ep 509 (Winter Finale) Recap

Yo. Scandal’s winter finale was beautiful. I loved this episode and it reminded me of the 752 episode in how it tugged at heartstrings, without much action, but through the words. In case you forget that Shonda Rhimes and her team are master wordsmiths, this episode was a reminder. Also, …

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About Mizzou, White Supremacy and Freedom Fighting

The state of Missouri has been a racial hotbed in the last year and a half, starting in Ferguson with the killing of Michael Brown Jr., in August 2014. The Black students at the University of Missouri have been protesting the mishandling of incidents on campus, and the football team …

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Candy Corn Tastes Like Plastic and Despair

Candy is meant to spike our blood sugar, bring a party into our mouths that no one else is invited to and pay for our dentists’ vacation homes. All great things, really. But sometimes, candy exists as a conspiracy to our taste buds. The main type of candy that does …

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Writing Checks Your Mouth Can’t Cash: The Vivica Fox and 50 Cent Story

Lawd. Sometimes, you just wanna pull some people to the side with a good Iyanla scolding, talmbout “Beloved. Don’t do this.” Last night was one of those times, because Vivica Fox went on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with the Andy Cohen and insinuated that her ex, 50 Cent, is …

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Even The Devil Deserves a Second Chance: Scandal Episode 507 Recap

I was gone last week so I’m just getting a chance to catch up with Scandal. Here’s the recap. Better late than never! Victory Short Lived – President Ghost does a press conference to apologize to parents about his personal business during this whole impeachment ordeal. He tells America he …

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Get Out of Jail Free: Scandal Episode 506 Recap

For the first time since season 2, episode 2 of Scandal, I missed an episode recap. I was in Egypt last week and missed the episode. I got back on Tuesday night and was not able to get myself together fast enough to write the recap of last week’s episode …


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