Guy Weave
Whose is this?

Whose Brother is Rocking this Impressive Scalp Weave?

We are a gifted people, I tell ya. We make something out of nothing and make hair out of scalp. Weaves aren’t just for women, ladies and gents. We’re bringing equality into the hairhat industry now, by providing these services of insta-hair to the fellas too. I came across this …


The 2015 BET Awards Did My Youngold Heart Some Good

On a scale of the Oscars to I Don’t Even Mind That Much That This Show is Longer Than Some Marriages, the 2015 BET Awards was an 8. I looked at my recaps of past years’ BET Awards and I saw that I’ve actually really enjoyed most of them. It …

Maury Povich

The Maury Povich Show is a National Treasure

I googled and it says the Maury Povich show first aired on September 9, 1991. That show is only 6 years younger than me. WOWSIES. I just wanted to do an ode to one of the funniest, most foolery-filled shows on television. Even to this day, Maury is unfuggwitable because …

A Guide to Planning a Trip to Morocco

A Guide to Planning a Trip to Morocco (Part 1)

Morocco is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. The entire country prides itself on the beauty of everything from its land to mundane things like a bathroom door. There is so much history there that it is basically like walking back in time, in certain places. I …

Jesus Flip a Table

About Charleston, Forgiveness and Black Pain

Three days ago, a monster walked into bible study at Emanuel AME Church, the oldest Black church in the south. He sat with them for an hour before pulling his gun out and killing 9 of them. Their names need to be spoken. Susie Jackson (87). Reverent Clementa Pinkney (41). …


Mother’s Mercy: Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Recap

What is life? What is air? Nothing matters anymore. I am not ok. I am not alright. I AM NOT FUCKING OKAY!!! It’s been a full day and I am still distraught. I have never in the history of ever been so upset at anything on television. If you have not …


About Rachel Dolezal the Undercover Sista and Performing Blackness

Soooo about Rachel Dolezal… I am aware that I’m tardy for the party in throwing my hat in the ring but I’m just here so I don’t get fined. I might be a day late and a word count short but this lady has taken over our minds in the …

marrakesh morocco
My LifeTravel

I’m Headed to Morocco for a Week!

Hey folks! Tonight, I’m headed to Morocco and I am doing a jig about it. I decided to just go because why not?? YOLO and all that jazz. You know I love to travel and it’s always been on my list! This is a play trip and I will be …

Cheryl Lynn Manager clear up

Was the Auntie War a Fake? Word is Cheryl Lynn is Not on Twitter

So last week’s Twitter thing between Cheryl Lynn and Anita Baker had us all refilling our tea kettles. Well, today, I get an email from Cheryl Lynn’s manager Thurlene Johnson saying that she does not have a Twitter account. “Cheryl Lynn does not have a Twitter or Facebook account. The individual …

Caitlin Jenner
Famous folks

Caitlyn Jenner’s Debut on the Vanity Fair Cover Broke the Internet

As promised on the Diane Sawyer interview, there will come a time when Bruce Jenner will be no longer. That time is now, and it is being done in grand fashion. Caitlyn Jenner lives, making her public debut on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair (on newstands on June …


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