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My 5 Thoughts on the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards comes on towards the end of the Award season, and it goes out with a snooze! Every year, 3 hours of subpar speeches, awkward scripted conversations and many penguins signifies the Oscars. It was no different this year. In fact, it might have been worse. It was painfully …

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NAACP Image Awards Were Decent

I don’t typically blog on Saturdays, but there was an awards show on last night and I got my phonecall from my sis reminding me to do a recap. Couple of months ago, I wrote about the NAACP Image Awards Nominees FAIL, and they just aired the event itself. On …

*faints* That twitchy eye just DID me in!
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Dear Lindsay Lohan, You Look Old

I came across a picture of Lindsay Lohan yesterday, and promptly made it my Twitter background because it made me cackle SO loudly, that I didn’t know what to do with myself. After that happened, and people clicked on my Twitter page, they quit me for not warning them. But …


VH1 Ruins Lives – Fantasia & Pepa Own my Mondays Now

Who’s life? Mine. See what had happened was, yall remember how I missed the BET Celebration of Gospel and was mad I missed the foolery? Well, I’m no longer mad. That’s because last night’s foolery on TV made up for it twentyfold. Sadly, it wasn’t even BET. Their sisthren in …

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Dear Donnie McClurkin

I usually don’t write TWO sternly-worded letters on my blog in one week, but folks have been in need of it. Today’s latest victim is Donnie McClurkin, thee of “deliverance from being gay.” He recently preached at a COGIC service and went into a long rant about the evils of …

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Twitter Killed the Celeb’s Star

They say that video killed the radio star. Well, Twitter has killed the celebrity’s. Ever since I joined Twitter in September 2008 (although I wasn’t active on it until January 2009), it’s become the place to be. *reads line* Ok that just made it sound like Twitter became IT because …


Dearest Oprah (More free chicken?)

I didn’t think Madame O would need a sternly-worded letter, but alas, I was forced to write one. Dearest Oprah, You know I STAN for you more than Michael Jackson stans for little boys plastic surgery, right? Well I does. That day when I SEED you in “The Color Purple”, …


Al B. UnSure

Thursday, April 30th was the national initiative, Dining Out for Life, which has restaurants around the country donating a percent of their proceeds to AIDSCare. Karyn & I decided to do a Red Pump Project Dinner in honor of the day, and we had 10 people come to eat with …

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Prayer for Brandy

**GUEST BLOGGERS WEEK*** Hey folks. Today’s author is the Pretty Brown Girl in all her ignant glory. She is a member of my ePosse, and always comes with that HOT FIYAH (like Dylan). She got a blog called Hey, You Asked where she answers letters that people send her with …

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Ruminations of the Random Persuasion

***GUEST BLOGGERS WEEK*** So as I mentioned last week, I’m at the NTEN Conference in San Francisco this week for work, so I’m having my FAVORITE IG folks BlogSit for me. To kick off Guest Bloggers Week on Awesomely Luvvie is my ace boon (not so) coon, LibraSong. I heart …