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Someone Sent Me a Business Email Addressed “Hi Zamunda…”

I am Luvvie everywhere on these interwebs and offline. I am HELLA Google-able and easy to find. My site is called I am @Luvvie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. LUVVIE LUVVIE LUVVIE. So… two days ago, I get an email that made me roll my eyes so hard that  needed …

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Whose is this?

Whose Regretful Tattoo Is This?

People are idiots far too often. The person whose tattoo is below is a dummy. Not because they cannot spell, but because they didn’t think to double-check the spelling of their tattoo KNOWING they’re correct spelling-deficient. “NO REGERTS.” Oh ok, sir. Between the tattoo artist who put this ink on …

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Did Malaysia Use Apple Maps? Cuz “What Had Happened Was…”

It’s been two weeks since Malaysian Air flight MH370 disappeared like everyone’s tax refund check money. It fell off radars, its equipment stopped working and no black box has been found. No debris has been confirmed to be linked to it and no one has gotten extra clues as to …

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Where Is My Scandal Recap?

I dropped the ball and I didn’t know how much. I had no idea y’all would long for my missing Scandal recap so much. I’ve received many emails, tweets, comments and side-eyes from people because I have not posted my recap to the latest Scandal episode. It is clear that …


The Sochi Olympics is the WalMart of Sporting Events

The Sochi Winter Olympics has been steeped in controversy, seemingly from the start. When Vladimir Putin enacted those draconian laws against the LGBT community, criminalizing homosexuality, it set the tone for what was looking like the FuckShit Games. Then there’s been the terror threats. Folks have insisted that Russia was the …

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Dear Madonna, NOPE! You Cannot Use That Word

Social media keeps showing us that some of our favorite celebrities should really make use of their publicists 24/7 for all things. Also, they need to hire community managers to handle their accounts because when left to their own devices, they blow shit up so properly and so quickly. Madonna …

Reverend Threat
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Whose Reverend is this Threatening Me in the Name of Jesus?

It is that time of the year again: when people use Martin Luther King Jr.’s image inappropriately for club flyers. MLK ain’t march to be the image of “Freaky Fridays” at the local disco. STAHP IT EVERYONE! I already wrote about this last year but more flyers have emerged for …

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Happy Thanksgiving! Whose Abomination Turkey is This?

I’m thankful for so much. A transformative year with showers of blessings, awesome friends and family and living and working with passion. I am also thankful for the Cookingforbae for showing me your struggle plates as well as my crappy T-mobile service for delaying the mass “Happy Thanksgiving” texts from …

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Gahtdambit, Florida! 10 Ridiculous Headlines from America’s Foot

Florida is the worst. Everyday, we hear news that just makes you go “FUCKING FLORIDA!” In Florida, cops can choke a little Black boy holding a puppy because he gave them a “dehumanizing” stare. And Stand your ground laws are the ultimate trap against Black folks. And we can’t forget …

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Whose Tragic Toes are on This Runway?

Sometimes, you gotta know that certain shoes are not for you. OR to size up if you’re hellbent on rocking them. There’s pics of Julianne Moore and Anna Wintour being out here bogus and wearing shoes that their toes are crying to be released from. But the worst I’ve seen …