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Gahtdambit, Florida! 10 Ridiculous Headlines from America’s Foot

Florida is the worst. Everyday, we hear news that just makes you go “FUCKING FLORIDA!” In Florida, cops can choke a little Black boy holding a puppy because he gave them a “dehumanizing” stare. And Stand your ground laws are the ultimate trap against Black folks. And we can’t forget …

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Whose Tragic Toes are on This Runway?

Sometimes, you gotta know that certain shoes are not for you. OR to size up if you’re hellbent on rocking them. There’s pics of Julianne Moore and Anna Wintour being out here bogus and wearing shoes that their toes are crying to be released from. But the worst I’ve seen …

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Miss Arkansas 1994, I’m Telling You To STAHP

Singing isn’t just about getting some notes right. There are some songs that you need to SANG, because they’re all emotional and you gotta come with it. Dreamgirls’ “I am Telling You” ballad is one of them. When Jennifer Holliday sang it on Broadway decades (and at every other gig …

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This Old Clip of Rihanna Singing is the Real Reason for Side-Eye

Rihanna is one of the biggest rock stars at this point because she’s young, beautiful and loves mayhem. And she happens to sing. Or at least she gets on a stage with a mic and notes come out of her mouth. So in THAT regard, sure you can call her …

Romeo Rose

The Worst Person Ever and the Scorned Never Ex: Dating Fails

Many people are single because they want to be and others haven’t found THE ONE or ONES (hey, roll like you want). But many are single because they’re self-absorbed douchebags who can’t have nice things because they don’t know how to behave like decent human beings. Long story short: it’s …

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When Twerking Goes Wrong: This Girl is On Firrreee! (Updated: It was Jimmy Kimmel’s Prank)

I’m sick of talmbout and hearing about twerking, as I’m sure you are too. We can all blame Miley Cyrus for that. But I promise that the video below will be worth your while. Caitlin decided to make a twerk video for her boyfriend and tragedy ensued. Watch what happens …

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Whose Brother Was Rocking This Supreme Mullet?

The mullet is the hairstyle that will never quit. No matter how much we ridicule it. It’s come in different variations over the years too. With a front that has a bob or fingerwaves or braids. THE MULLET WON’T DIE AND I WONDER WHY! HA! That rhymed. But getchu a …

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#ABCReports: ABC News’ FAIL on “Twerking” Roasted on Twitter

After Miley Cyrus showed her (lack of an) ass (literally) at the MTV VMAs, she’s been the subject of everyone’s posts and news reports. It’s been over a day and many of us are over it. However, ABC News decided to do a “scientific” report on twerking and it’s just …

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The Treadmill Tumble That Left Me in Cackling Tears

I found the video below and laughed so hard that I was shaking silently for about 20 seconds. You know that laugh that looks like you’re sobbing because you’re trying to catch your breath? Yes. That one. Just watch this video (it’s 70 seconds long and gets good around 45 …

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The Daily Show’s Segment on the Zimmerman Verdict is Why I Love Them

The Daily Show is one of the smartest and funniest shows on TV, and they always prove to be one of the most needed ones too. You’ll get a better take on the news by watching it than CNN any day, in my book. Their news might be “fake” but …