Prayer five gif

Some People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Say the Grace When It’s Time to Eat

One of the things that those of us who are Christian hold dear as a tradition is the pre-meal prayer. We want to make sure that we ask God to bless what we are about to consume, so that it can be well and all that good stuff. BUT… some people use …

Auntie Fee Steve Harvey

Our Favorite Cook, Auntie Fee, Was on Steve Harvey’s Show. I LIVE.

You KNOW how much I love me some Auntie Fee! She of phrases such as “something sweet for the mufucking kids” and “kids and fat people like a lot of cheese.” She got internet fame from posting videos of her cooking various heart-clogging foods. Her son, Tavis, is behind the …

Yellow Starbursts Disappointment

No Country for Yellow Starbursts (aka Disappointment Chews)

Starbursts are candy that I’m passionate about and the creators have clearly created a candy caste system to allow us to rank the people in our lives by the color we give them. Pink is the starburst you give your best friend to show them your love is real. Yellow …

Red Velvet Oreos

I Want Red Velvet Oreos to Be Real So Bad AND THEY ARE!

Yall know I love all things red velvet. Red velvet cupcakes, cheesecake, cookies, waffles, pancakes, hot chocolate… I am the  bubba Gumb of red velvet. This is why in the past 48 hours, so many people have sent me this picture. Everyone has sent me this SAME picture and I …

Pic by The Cooking of Joy

Why Does Kale Taste Like Dreams Deferred?

One day I looked up and everyone had become the Bubba Gump of Kale, talmbout kale salad, kale soup, kale smoothies, kale sammiches, kale nail polish (yes really. It’s called NailKale. Everyone go home. You’re drunk!). It was all kale everything and I was like whappened? Why it happen? I …

Felicia Odell

Auntie Felicia’s Cooking Show is What We Need

There are times I come across silver and gold on these internets and tonight is one of those times. I have been introduced to Felicia O’Dell (aka Auntie Fee) and her resourceful cooking. My life has been changed and I am made better for it. Felicia O’Dell (I like that …

African Snails

67 African Snails Confiscated at LAX Airport and Deliciousness is Wasted

Earlier this month, 67 live snails were found in a picnic basket at Los Angeles International Airport. They were brought from Lagos, Nigeria and were headed to be eaten by someone who appreciates their deliciousness. But they were seized by Customs, because you aren’t supposed to be bringing in wildlife …

Green ketchup bottle
Throwback Thursday

The Grossness of Green Ketchup: Throwback Thursday

Remember when the team at Heinz suffered from a bout of temporary insanity and put out green ketchup for the American public to consume? Yeah, it was around Y2K (year 2000, for the babies who went “HUH?”). Actually, they had purple ketchup too but that’s close to red so I …

burnt turkey
Whose is this?

Happy Thanksgiving! Whose Abomination Turkey is This?

I’m thankful for so much. A transformative year with showers of blessings, awesome friends and family and living and working with passion. I am also thankful for the Cookingforbae for showing me your struggle plates as well as my crappy T-mobile service for delaying the mass “Happy Thanksgiving” texts from …

Swiss Miss French Vanilla
My Life

My Hunt for Swiss Miss French Vanilla Hot Chocolate

When it comes to edible stuff, I have an obsessive thing where I love something a lot for a while and indulge in it ALL THE TIME. There was the time I ate Corn Pops every night before bed for a month. And then I’d wake up and eat a …