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Apparently, You Can Get Birth Control Pills on Twitter

When I tell you that Twitter is the Den of Iniquity, please believe me. That place is where logic and any semblance of good sense goes to die. Which is why I created to keep track of all the foolishness that goes on there. At this point, I thought …

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Black Velvet Napoleon FAILED

I went to a part one of my fave DJs (Dee Money) was throwing the night of Thanksgiving. I was minding my own business (as I always do O_o) when some short dude in a velvet blazer approached me.

Parents, hug your kids
Whose is this?

Whose Cousin is This with the Jolly Rancher Barrettes?

Whose ratchet ol’ cousin is this?!? I saw this picture and wanted to go kick every trashcan in a 5-mile radius. There’s sooo much tomfoolery in this picture that I don’t even know where to start. Fine, I guess we’ll work our way down from the top. First he has colored contacts. Then braids. With Jolly Rancher beads. iCan’t.

Mama I Wanna Freak
My Life

Mama, I Wanna Freak, But I’ont Want God to Frown: The Urban Lit Book

So I was thinking about it. If Zane and Sister Souljah have become millionaires off writing poorly written, trashy novels, why am I still a tens of thousandaire? Especially when I can string together coherent sentences with correct grammar, syntax and sentence structure? Shoot. Well I have a scheme plan. …


Africa is Geography’s DMX

The other night, after watching the 10pm news on ABC, “Nightline” came on. I’m not a fan of that show, so I typically don’t watch it. Due to the fact that the remote control wasn’t within arm’s reach of me, and my sheer laziness, I sat there and watched “Nightline” …

My Life

Black Card Reneged Part II

In case you’ve missed it, make sure you read Part I before this one so you can catch up. So where did I leave off? Ah yes, so as we were leaving the club and going down the stairs, we see that we can’t move any farther than halfway down …


Black Card Reneged

I’d like to congratulate my homegirl O.N.E. on graduating from Law School. My homie is officially a LAWYER! Get it girllll!!! *does praise dance* I’m super uber proud of you, chick and this is only the beginning. I must address you by as “Attorney McEsquireFace” now. And this concludes any …


Dearest Oprah (More free chicken?)

I didn’t think Madame O would need a sternly-worded letter, but alas, I was forced to write one. Dearest Oprah, You know I STAN for you more than Michael Jackson stans for little boys plastic surgery, right? Well I does. That day when I SEED you in “The Color Purple”, …

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People Who Wear Shades Indoors

***GUEST BLOGGERS WEEK*** Today’s pinch hitter is Dame, of the blog This May Concern You. His blog is awesome because it’s a bunch of sternly-worded letters he writes to people or things he doesn’t always approve of. So, of course, I love it. We’ve done a letter trade, and he …

Guest Blog

True Confessions

***GUEST BLOGGERS WEEK*** To keep the party going, we got KindredSmile, one of my BFFs and mother of my Goddaughter, Liggy (Lil Ignant). We go way back, to days of high school yorn, when we rocked K-Swisses and tapered pants with Nike t-shirts. We’d like to forget those days but …