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Luvvie’s 2011 VMAs Live-Tweets Party

Stay tuned for my MTV Video Music Awards live-tweeting party, featuring live-tweeting from the most foolish and ratchet folks on Twitter. This eParty will start at 6pm CST today. So come back here and get epic tweets that’ll make you cackle till you drop. The following people’s tweets will be …

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Beyonce Stans, Come Get Your Peoples

Unless you’re living under a rock (or Debra Lee’s BET Awards dress), you know that Beyonce’s newest album “4” just came out yesterday. That joint is prolly gon go like 8 times platinum soon because she’s a beast and whatnot. Who runs the world? BEY. Part of the reason that …

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No More “Rolling in the Deep” Covers!

Now y’all KNOW my love of Adele. It was well-documented in the post I wrote a coupla weeks ago titled “Why I LOVE Adele.” Apparently, I ain’t the only one who thoroughly enjoys that plump Brit with a voice touched the the Lord! 98 comments and counting! One of my …

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Why I LOVE Adele: Her Voice and Soul

My love affair with Adele began later than everyone else’s because, well, I’m always tardy for the party. First time I saw her was at some awards show last year singing “Chasing Pavements.” I was all “Who is this? She’s kinda tight.” But she fell off my radar for a …

Soulja Boy
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Soulja Boy is a Bigger Idiot Than I Thought

Soulja Boy is a bit of a degenerate. Dude thought putting white out on his sunglasses was fashion forward. And he slept with Kat Stacks, who is a walking STD. And he raps like he wrote his lyrics while drugged up on Tylenol PM AND Ambien. Just when I thought he couldn’t be more of an idiot than he is, I found out about something he said 3 years ago.

That is the SAME side-eye we're all giving you, girl.
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Dear Lil Kim, this Nicki Minaj Beef is Tired

This letter to Lil Kim has been a long time coming. And everytime I lose my vigor to write it, something else happens. Sit back. Enjoy. Dear Lil Kim, Hey gurl hey. *deep sigh* You know I used to be a fan of yours, right? Your songs went HARD in …


Luvvie’s GRAMMYS Live-Tweets Party

It is that time AGAIN! Award Show season is here, and this means my live-tweets party! As you know, Twitter makes every show worth watching. Stay tuned for my tweets from the most foolish and ratchet folks on Twitter. This eParty will start at 6:00pm CST on Sunday, February 13. …

Kanye West Runaway

Kanye West said “Runaway.” Do Just That.

Ok. So everyone and their mama have been talking about Kanye West’s short film “Runaway.” It was highly anticipated. People pissed their pants in suspense. It was just hyped. I didn’t give much of a damb though. Just because I figured I’d see it when I saw it. However, I …


Improper Music’s Proper Lyrics

Like a month back, I was clubbing with a friend for her birthday, and I admit that I’ve become a bit of a bore. I don’t dance until I can’t dance anymore when I go clubbing. What I do is sit down and people watch. This is fun for me. …


Chingy’s Album Sold 683 Copies and Went Credit Score

Classic albums go gold, platinum and diamond. Michael Jackson’s albums went plutonium and sh*t because they ran out of metals awesome enough to describe their level of DOPENESS. This was in the past though. It seems that albums don’t fare as well nowadays. Not even close. First, Kelis dropped an …