MTV Video Music Awards
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Luvvie’s MTV VMAs Live-Tweet Party

Stay tuned for my MTV Video Music Awards live-tweeting party, featuring live-tweeting from the most foolish and ratchet folks on Twitter. This eParty will start at 6pm CST today. So come back here and get epic tweets that’ll make you cackle till you drop. The following people’s tweets will be …

Willow Smith
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Willow Whipped Her Hair and Wigs Were Wrenched

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve already heard Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair.” THAT. SONG. BEATS. It goes all the way hard (beat-wise anyway). And the lyrics are catchy. Plus it’s age-appropriate. Willow’s on the scene!

Bobby Bare

Dropkick Him, Jesus, Through the Goalposts of Life

I’ve been changed, for the day I listened to this song, I KNOWED there was a GAWD! My homie, Crownie (McIGface), who is so foolish he needs a Sense Bailout, and I were on GChat and I sent him this video. This video had me in a severe bout of …

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5 Reasons Why We Still Love Aaliyah

AALIYAH!!! *drops* On August 25, 2001, I was heading into my senior year of high school. I was on the phone talking to my best friend at the time. Roasting, ranting… doing what I do now. Except with no audience. Somehow, we talked unto the wee hours of the morning. …

Disney Movies

Disney Music is Everything!

I’m not sure about you but I can’t reminisce about my childhood without thinking about Walt Disney films. They were less cartoons, more animated movies and they served as the background to my childhood. It’s probably the reason why I can’t ride bikes now. I was always in the house …

Lil Cease
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5 Reasons Why I Love Lil Cease

Me and Jia decided to start a Lil Cease Fan Club on accord of Cease being super cool and stuff. He even tweeted and followed us on Twitter. Unlike another “Lil” dude. Hmph. Shoo… WE LOVE CEASE! #Cease4Life So I decided to come up with 5 reasons why I love Lil Cease.

He was living art...
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10 Reasons Why Michael Jackson is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time)

A year ago today, the world lost a bit of it’s awesome when Michael Jackson, the King of Pop passed away. I remember that I was in my office when I found out on TMZ at exactly 4:30pm CST. I was hoping TMZ made a mistake, so I refreshed my …

Liza Minnelli at the Sex and the City 2 premiere
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Dear Liza Minelli. No to “Single Ladies”

Liza Minnelli did a version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” I’m murked. If you don’t getcho geriatric, eau de Ben Gay self and go be qwat somewhere! What are YOU doing singing “Single Ladies?”

Y'all see that Hawaiian silky Stevie was working with?!? Yes, you jealous.
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The Wonderous One turns 60!

So today is Stevie Wonder‘s 60th birthday. We must revel and rejoice in this day. I don’t care how far gone Stevie’s hairline maybe, or the fact that it’s wading in all types of water. I’m always going to be a fan. I’ont care how many tacky blazers his team …

Erykah Badu
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Badu’s Badonk is BAD!

Everyone has been talking about Erykah Badu’s vidjo “Window Seat” all week. People have been debating whether the message of the video is parallel to the lyrics. And they’ve been discussion Erykah’s use of nudity to get her point across yaddy yada blah blah. I don’t gibbadamb bout any of …