Luvvie at Trapped In the Closet Singalong
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So I Went to a Trapped in the Closet Sing-A-Long

Last week, my girl Karyn hit me up on GChat about a Trapped in the Closet Sing-a-Long happening in Chicago and I told her to GTFOH. And she was like “No. It’s really a thing! It’s happening next Friday” and I clicked the link. AND SHE WAS RIGHT! It was …

chicken wing platter

Because Chicken is Worthy of Praise and Worship

No less than 10 people have sent me a link to this video, dubbed the “Chicken Gospel” and it took me a while but I finally watched it. And let me tell you, it took me 10 minutes because I kept on pausing it to laugh. This. is. hilarity. The …

Luvvie Sarah Hoye Gloria Steinem Donna Deitch WMC
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The Women’s Media Award Was One of the Most Epic Nights Ever!

I’m still trying to process the award I just got from the Women’s Media Center. This Social Media Award means the world because the organization that gave it to me is changing the face of media, therefore the world. When Beyonce said “Who runs the world?” she should have meant …

Luvvie Women's Media Center Social Media Award
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THANK YOU! I Won the Women’s Media Center Social Media Award. Because of YOU.

I started this post last night at 3:57am. I wanted to be asleep but I wasn’t making any efforts to get to sleep. My eyes were burning because it was 3:57am but I wanted to write. Yesterday was one of those days that was BEYOND my wildest dreams. In a …

Tony Gaskins Tweet
Social Media

Tony Gaskins Tweets and We Unite To Roast Him

Twitter’s awesome sometimes, particularly in times of joint wig snatching. This past Thursday was one of those times and I got my ENTIRE life. See what had happened was… Tony Gaskins, one of those random ass relationship experts who doesn’t really say anything of substance but has over 100,000 followers …

side-eye face

The Girl Who Was Bamboozled: An Epic Tale of Stupidity

So you know how you hear a story that’s just so outrageous you think it couldn’t possibly be true? Wells, one of my friends told me this story and I had to make her SWEAR that she wasn’t lying. She’s a churchgoing woman so she did and I believe her. …

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Got Some NERVE: My RHOA Episode 2 Recap

After last week’s premiere episode of season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), I already knew the person who would be doing the cabbage patch all over my nerves this season would be Kenya Moore. And I was right. That child is a fool and I’m not here for …

iPad mirror

The iPad That Was Actually a Mirror: Story of Fail

There are times when I wonder how some people don’t fall more just from their sheer stupidity. This is one of those times. CNET said a woman named Jalonta Freeman was at a gas station in Arlington, Texas, when a dude drove up to her and said he was selling …

Jermaine Jackson tin man
Famous folks

No Country for Jermaine Jackson’s Name Change

The Jackson family haven’t been in the headlines too much lately. Not like their usual anyway. But every time I say that, I speak too soon. According to TMZ, Jermaine Jackson has decided that he wants to change his last name to “Jacksun.” If the Chocolate TinMan don’t ease his …

Presidential jig gif

10 Awesomely Hilarious Election Night Gifs. You’re Welcome!

One of the best things that come out of any major event are the memes and the gifs that sprout up all over the web afterwards. I mean it. The internet excels and unites about few things and those are usually things of foolery. The re-election of President Barack Obama …