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Watch the First Episode of My Show, Rants and Randomness!

Beautiful people! Guess what? I started a Facebook show as part of their Watch vertical, called Rants and Randomness. Once a week, I’ll be getting on Facebook Live to cover all things pop culture and relevant to our lives (including randomness). As the Side-Eye Sorceress, I’m uniquely positioned for this. There …

Famous folks

Blake Shelton is People’s Sexiest Man Alive Because Everything is Stupid

To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to People Magazine, nor do I take their shenanigans as truth (except for that one time when they featured my book. That was totally legit). So their annual “Sexiest Man Alive” and “Most Beautiful People” list is usually laughable because it’s hella …

Famous folksWhose is this?

Whose Ghost is This? Oh It’s Sammy Sosa

You know what is an everlasting bastard? When people fall from grace spectacularly. Y’all. A picture was circulating last week and I had to make sure it wasn’t photoshop. It was of baseball great, Sammy Sosa, standing on the streets of London and it scared the bejeez out of me. …

FashionWhose is this?

Whose Uglass Skants (Skirt Pants) Are These?

There’s so much WTF going on in the fashion industry these days, it’s hard to keep up. A few months ago, LuvvNation roasted this Oregon Trail frock that was as expensive as it was ugly. But that dress doesn’t seem so bad in comparison to…whatever this is. I don’t understand these …

My Life

I’m Speaking at the Chicago Theater for the Together Tour!

Hey boos hey! It’s been a super busy fall for me as I’ve been on the incredible Together Tour! What’s that? It’s a tour that was co-founded by agent extraordinaire Jennifer Rudolph Walsh and best-selling author Glennon Doyle to bring women in a room for a night of radical transparency and inspiration …


This Judgey Baby is Sick of Everyone and I Love Her

Y’all know I have a soft spot for judgey babies. They haven’t even been here very long but they KNOW something ain’t right. They want us to get it together and they will let us know about it. So, coming across my timeline all of last week was this baby …

Stella McCartney Ankara

Stella McCartney Tried It With Her House Gown Ankara Appropriation

Another day, another case of cultural appropriation. This time, fashion designer Stella McCartney is getting heat for using ankara prints in her latest collection. An article from OkayAfrica breaks it down: The brand infused ankara designs into their new collection to create dresses, jumpsuits and tops, that look a lot like what …

Jesus Flips Table gif

God is Probably Sick of All these “Thoughts and Prayers”

*another mass shooting happens in the United States* People: We are sending up prayers for the victims. God: …. Archangel St. Michael: Hey God. People are on the mainline. God: *files nails* Oh yeah? I’m busy. St. Mike: You… don’t seem that busy. God: *booming voice* I SAID I AM …

Famous folks

Jane Fonda’s Death Stare to Megyn Kelly Soothed My Soul

Y’all. Y’ALL. In these times of dumpster fire, joy must come wherever we can find it and I have found glee today! Megyn Kelly, white privilege Barbie, has a new morning show on NBC. Those fools over there chose her over Tamron Hall, so you know I already wasn’t wishing …

Insecure season 2 finale

Hella Perspective: Insecure Season 2 Finale Recap

Yo. I’m hella sad that the end of season 2 of Insecure is already here. But let’s jump into this amazing episode, which might be my favorite yet of the series thus far. Issa’s neighborhood is getting gentrified. There’s some bougie coffee shop coming and there are white folks being …


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