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The Stages of Social Media Grief – BONUS Episode 10 of Rants & Randomness

We originally intended to air a regular episode of Rants & Randomness this week, with the feel goods and the rant and spotlight and interview, but I decided to scrap that plan. Too much weighing on my spirit. In the wake of the horrible helicopter crash that took the lives …

Barack Obama Ankles
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Barack’s Moisturized Ankles Aren’t Playing Fair

While the world is crumbling and everything is a dumpster fire and I got more grey hairs in my edges than I can count, some people are flourishing. By some people, I mean President Barack Obama. You know, our ex. The One Who Got Away. The fool who sits in …

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Why Aren’t We Thanking Tyler Perry for Creating the Comedy of the year, A Fall from Grace?

What do people want from Tyler Perry? This post is a transcript of this video. The man who has gifted us with the comedy of the year and the fantasy film of the year (fantasy because you have to suspend belief), A Fall from Grace. The man has been a …


A Guide to Group Travel – BONUS Episode 9 of Rants & Randomness

My peoples! We’re kicking off 2020 with a special bonus episode of Rants & Randomness! On this episode, I’m continuing the conversation on travel that started in my travel essentials bonus episode, but today we’re talking about how to plan an amazing group trip with friends or family, where people …

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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About Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and the Love They Chose Over Everything

It was just announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be relinquishing their royal titles, duties and money. As a member of the Monarchy, Henry Charles Albert David is entitled to certain things, like “His Royal Highness” as a title, and public …

Summer Walker
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Summer Walker is Anxious and Awkward and I’m Glad She’s Here

Summer Walker is weird. She is awkward. She seems perpetually uneasy. And her presence and visibility is definitely not parallel with the “confident, Black woman” who we love to see and champion. And that is why her existence and visibility is even more important right now. I don’t think the …

Black Jesus

God is Probably Tired Of Our Shenanigans Right Now

The world is a mess and I wonder what the conversation between God and Jesus would be like. Because they gotta be tired of our tomfoolery down here. We do not know how to act as a species. God: *sees the Amazon on fire, Donald Trump is running amok, the …

Kanye West Maga Hat
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Jesus is King and Kanye’s a Fool

Kanye West has become Christianity’s town crier and just released an album (and IMAX movie) called Jesus is King to make it official. Months ago, he started doing Sunday Services, and people were gagging in glee because they were so touched that this man was loudly proclaiming his love for …

Leroy Smith Tekken

Tekken’s Leroy Smith Character is Mr. Steal-Your-Grandma

I don’t even play video games (anymore) but I might have to pick up what Tekken is dropping. They just released a trailer for the new movie and one of their characters is someone named Leroy Smith, who is the perfect prototype of Black Uncles everywhere. I know good and …

Toni Morrison
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Toni Morrison: The Favorite Teacher I Never Met

There are favorite teachers we will never meet. In 8th grade, my favorite English teacher assigned us Toni Morrison’s Sula. I have always loved reading so it was no thing to jump into the book. But once I was on those pages, those words mesmerized me, engulfed me and hugged …


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