If I was my hair, I’d be a Nomad

I ALWAYS change my hairstyles, because I get bored easily with them. Freshman and sophomore years of high school, I rocked synthetic braids in a bob style, then I did crochet braids that went past my shoulders, then I did french braids with extentions. Then, my hair broke, and I cut it into a short cut, which them led to a REAL close cut, then a natural TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). And Junior year of high school, I haven’t let my hair grow longer than past my ear, before cutting it again. It’s usually been in a short cut, in varying lengths and styles for the past 6 years. Anywho, this March, I decided to cut off ALL my perm and go natural. So my hair was only a couple of centimeters long. And I let it grow for 5 months, into a very respectable afro of a couple of inches. Then I got a perm last month, and reverted to short permed hair.

Both times that I have gone natural in the past 6 years have not been because of some major epiphany of trying to go back to my “roots” or rebelling against the white-washed system. I do realize that for a lot of people, it is their way of expressing a dissatisfaction with a lack of tolerance for Natural Black hair, but that wasn’t in my thought process. My hair choices have been based on what I like seeing on myself for the moment. I honestly loved having my afro for 5 months. I enjoyed it, and its low maintenance nature. I liked seeing my naps, and seeing how it grew in front of my face. I like the way I pulled it back, and what looked like a halo framed my face behind that headband. I did get a texturizer this summer to soften my ‘fro, but it made it easier for me to comb. Self-hate? NO! Self-convenience? That’s it!! I chose to texturize my hair after one day, more than 5 teeth fell victim to the struggle, and the SNAP, Crackle, and Pop wasn’t from my Rice Krispies. Shit, it was a FIGHT.

But I got bored. I missed the curly spikes I used to get my hair styled in, and the varying styles I rocked. Me getting a perm is NOT a form of me hating my natural hair, but opting to do something else. I LOVE Black hair, and what I adore the most is its flexibility and versatility. We can do SO much with it, and I take advantage of that. Even if I cut my hair REAL low, I know it’ll grow back. And my perm can be cut off, and I can rock a natural within the next 2-3 months, without much effort.

I couldn’t be my hair, because if I was, I would never be in the same place twice. I’d be a Nomad.

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