America’s Next Top Model? Nahhh

Ever since America’s Next Top Model started, 6 seasons ago, girls all over have been put under some delusional spell. This is a spell that makes them think because they are 5’7 and a half, and less than 130 lbs., they are professional models. And I am here to let them know “NO YOU ARE NOT!” Apart from the gallon of haterade that you THINK i’ve drank today, I am FOR REAL!! People, just because you just happened to have been in a couple of amateur SCHOOL fashion shows, and your walk ain’t half bad means nothing (shoot, even those with HORRIBLE walks think they working with something). And just because some idiot with equipment has taken pictures of you to put on his tiny website to show his work does not mean you’re a MODEL. It means you’re a person who has taken pictures (I mean, there are the few people who are actually on professional websites, with AGENCIES. AND have done shows that did not involve SCHOOL. For these people, I applaud you, and disregard my rants). I was in about 6 amateur fashion shows in Champaign-Urbana, but I’d insist that people slap me if I actually start believing that I’m a model (besides, I’m 5’4).

I am sick of every Tom, Dick, and Sharry thinking they’re officially models because someone said “You are tall. You should try out for ANTM!” Are the people telling you this professional models themselves, or just someone who thinks you look above average? Boo Boo, PLEASE don’t count on being on a Milan runway anytime soon because EVERYone w/ your body statistics is thinking the SAME thang. Let’s be real people!! If being tall and decent looking were the only criteria for modeling, then ANTM would have 12 winners a season. AND…there would be more models in the world than doctors. Since that ain’t it, then it’s time to get it together people!!

For the actual MODELS out there, who have been flown to events to do so, or are signed by a major agency; or have a professional portfolio… how does it make you feel when everyone is saying they’re models?? I mean, its like someone with an Associate’s degree claiming they got a ph. D (ok that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my point!)

Anyway, this is just borne from my exposure to WAY TOO many profiles on Facebook that claim to be “models.”