Aight so I’m back with this issue of WTH?? B/c although my notes haven’t had an official “title”, most can be filed under the What the HELL column? This week is no different.

1. High-waisted pants? Why in the HOT HELL are high waisted pants coming back in style? I mean, seriously. I can’t dig anything that will cover my navel, for fear that it will continue upwards and eat me whole. This is why I do not rock turtlenecks. They scare me massively, and so does this trend. I have seen it look semi-decent on some, but like ALL trends, I know it will be abused by the fashion toddlers (those who ain’t quite there yet, but think they so grown).

Anyway, I forewarn folks. PLEASE if your pants are touching your boobs, just let them stay in the store. That is all on this point.

2. Why are you a college graduate, nay, a HIGH SCHOOL graduate, who is unable to grasp the grammar and syntax of the English language? This is rampant on the internet in general. People butcher the language everyday and I’m like “Seriously, how did you pass sophomore year English class?” Then I realize that it’s all because Microsoft Word is our crutch. (Don’t even get me started on how our society is getting hindered by our technological maids).

Back to my rant. TypoCop (me) does not appreciate seeing how some people actually can’t distinguish the use of “a” and “an”, using it arbitrarily, and at their whim. It isn’t “an week”, but “a week”, but I guess I musn’t expect that much. I’m not saying you should write perfect grammar, b/c I surely do choose to be informal in my everyday writing, if it ain’t gon be turned into a professor, but ish like that is just inexcusable. People, maybe WORD is actually not our friend as much as we think. Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Take away that man’s WORD, and he gets no job.

Also, when it comes to spelling, I’ve declined to join many Facebook groups because they spelled the words in the title wrong, and not just as a result of IRONY. People just weren’t careful when they were pressing “Create group” and didn’t spell check. I will not join a group that’s titled “I LOVE Blcak poeple”. lol I’m just…serious.

3. MUSIC. I hang my head in shame at the current state of music. It’s embarassing at times. I mean, really. JUST AWFUL. Pop: If it were any more sugary, all my teeth would have rotted from just listening to one song. Rock: WOMP WOMP.

And Rap. MY PEOPLE!! We can do better than “Shake your Laffy Taffy” and “I know you C it”. This ish is TERRIBLE!! Why must we accept such subparity (if that isn’t a word, well dangit, it is now). All these “artists” that exist now, apart from a handful, would not have had a chance in hell in the early ’90s. They just letting any grilled up fool w/ rap dreams drop an album (i.e. Chamillionaire, the dudes from D4L…etc.). Yeah I be in the club juking to it since the BEAT is raw, but I don’t be at home like “Let me listen to some D4L.” I miss the days when rappers had something to say. In the early 90s, even with the violent lyrics, rap had a balance. There was still the social commentary in that violence, or at least on the same record. Now, one CD has 12 crunk and party songs. Is the essence of Hip Hop gone?? *Oh lawd, another note all by itself, but I’mo leave it alone.

I plagiarize my Xanga entry from 2 years ago when I say: “I mean, what happened to the days when creativity actually existed, and not every song sounded just like the last. I miss old’ twinkle eyed Smokey, Luffa, Marvin Gaye (What IS going on?) and we can’t forget Stevay, Wonder, that is. Music has become a shell of its former self.” *Hehe I just cited myself*

A moment to mourn: Aw naw Luffa!!! You said when you said goodbye “it’s not for long.” It’s for long this time! 🙁 (Also, RIP to Big Bear Gerald Levert)

Anyway, those are my gripes for now. Till next time…WE CAN DO BETTER!!

P.S. I keed. WHY? Because I love. ;-D

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