When We Were Young

When we were in H.S. …

* Jean fits were ALL the craze

* FUBU was a respected brand, and EVERYONE had a jersey with “05” on it

* Pluto was a planet

* Gas was under $1.50

* You could pay $1.50 for the CTA bus, AND get a transfer

* You still had bus tokens

* Diddy was still Puff Daddy

* You could say goodbye RIGHT before someone got on a plane

* Nike prestos were everywhere!!

* Chucks still cost $30

* Britney Spears had more Grammy Awards than kids

* A GOOD phone had blue screen instead of the monochromatic look. And a camera on a phone??? SHUT YO FACE!!

* Getting on the bus w/ your CD player made you feel SO Cool (although u were holding that big thing in ur hand while trying to not fall b/c you standing)

* If you wanted to get whiter teeth, you had to go to the dentist for a cleaning, not to walgreens for some strips

* No Black woman had ever been a billionaire in the US

* Everyone wore Coogi to homecoming

* Cellphones were not allowed on high school premises, and were thought to be gang-affiliated if found

* 11 yr olds didn’t have cellphone contracts

* The only George Bush we knew had a wife/mother named Barbara

* The biggest war we had ever experienced was the Crisis in Kosovo (don’t remember it?? EXACTLY!)

* Jennifer Lopez only had 1 husband to date

* 4 letters: IGAP

* Old Navy was THE SPOT to shop

* Forever21 was a wish you had, not a store

* Toys R’ Us was on State Street

* Whitney Houston’s was known for HER VOICE, not rehab

What else am I missing?

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