20 Random Questions

*Al Roker has got to be in my top 5 most ANNOYING ass public figures. I wouldn’t call him a celebrity b/c if I saw that fool on the street, 1)I wouldn’t give a care, or 2) I’d mistake him for a man in a black tortoise costume. He irks my nerves.

*I debated Newsfeeds when it started, but it has turned out to be THE best thing Facebook ever did. I mean, how else am I supposed to know about that chick on my friend’s list who I’ve probably ever only had 2 conversations with, but I know her and her boyfriend of 4 years are more ON and OFF than the clapper would be during a standing ovation??? Seriously people. MUST you change your relationship status after EVERY time you and your guy have an argument?? It’s GREAT entertainment for me, but is it wise to have your business out there as such??

*Aren’t Facebook beefs THE BEST?? Who needs scripted soap operas when you got note wars???

*I’m just wondering why most people think they got haters, and that they are unique in this predicament. Human nature has envy and jealousy, so TRUST me, you’re not the only one with HATERS. Technically, everyone probably has at least someONE who is jealous of them. So when I see people writing notes about how they MUST be special because they have haters, I have a giggle fit from the sheer arrogance and narcissism it tends to imply.

*SCRUBS is THE greatest show EVER, and I don’t care if you disagree.

*If I shop anymore, my closet is going to collapse within itself, and ALL my stuff will be trapped b/c it will have been stretched to its limits.

*I’m TRULY TRULY pissed off about the new MOD trend. I don’t look forward to seeing people rocking floral prints, stripes, polka dots and jumpers all in the SAME outfit. This summer will be a sight for sore eyes. The Twiggy look was good in the ’60s because people didn’t mind the whole look of a mushroom trip on one person. I’d rather not have the effect of looking at people and thinking I went on an LSD binge, which is essentially what happened when I went to the Forever21 and WetSeal websites. The Kaleidoscope of prints and colors damn near put me in a seizure. I think I’mo move to Fiji while this trend tides itself over!!

And F21 and WetSeal are officially DEAD!! The property value of both these stores (that already was slipping b/c of the abortion belts and pleather trend) is now next to concrete.

*And no, this trend won’t keep fme from being a shopaholic, because all I’ll do is focus my attention on other things. Such as shoes. And jewelry. We musn’t forget hats…

That is all for now.

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