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21 VERY random questions that popped in my head

1. Why has Diana Ross been rocking THE SAME weave/wig since the ’70s??? She cant go get a new Yaki at Sally’s or something?

2. Why are the most EFFed up people the MAIN ones to criticize and offer advise? People in rose-colored glass condos shouldn’t throw boulders.

3. Why does Tweety bird have such a huge fan base in Black women? (I’ve seen more than one grown woman w/ a tattoo of Tweety, colored and errthang)

4. Why do they sell size 24 miniskirts? This may come off as mean, but after a certain size AND Age, folks should REFRAIN from rocking minis.

5. Why is shopping my form of crack addiction?? Seriously, I bought 4 trench coats in one week (different styles and colors of course) and realized I got a problem.

6. Why do people hate on Oprah for using her money for good, but say its not good enough? Yeah she built a school in South Africa instead of the U.S., but at least she’s helping SOMEBODY.

7. Why is time going by SO fast?? I was JUST in high school, and I blinked to find myself as a College graduate.

8. With books like “Sideline Ho” and “Confessions of a Video Vixen”, are Black women hanging their heads in united shame for our portrayal??

9. Don’t TIGHT ASS PEOPLE piss you off?? You know, the ones who take themselves TOO seriously. LOOSEN UP!! Sheesh!!

10. Why is there so much beef in rap? I’ll finish it: You ALL suck EQUALLY! Thanks!

11. Why is Channel 19 (the public access channel) doing WORSE to Black folks’ reputation than BET ever did or can do??

12. How can folks list their favorite books to be the Bible AND anything written by Zane??? For real?? You just LOVE the Bible AND a book called “Alpha Phi Fuck’em” huh??

13. Why IS Clifton Powell in EVERY Black movie, video or commerical?? lol

14. Why is there a barcrawl for EVERY occasion now?? Next will be a Barcrawl for Alcoholism Awareness.

15. Why is it that I get embarassed for Black folks every time I watch Maury Povich? I know those people who’ve tested 15 men for paternity (and still don’t find the Daddy) aren’t representative of my people, but I can’t help it.

16. What will happen to those BIG back tattoos when we get old and our skin sags and wrinkles?

17. Why has college ruined my favorite cartoon for me?? In one of my Afro classes, I found out Tom & Jerry was pretty racist, and I ain’t been the same since, lol.

18. Why did I look up one day and realize that I’m a full-fledged YUPPY who enjoys to do lunch downtown and revel in literary discussions? When did THAT happen??

19. Why are slangs so recyclable? I was watching an ep of “The Cosby Show” where Rudy was talking to one of her friends. She used the following words “wack”, “dissed”, and “peace out”. I use 2 out of those 3 on a regular basis today.

20. Why is Gmail the new “It” email to have? B/c its awesome AND has Gmail chat.

21. Why did I just spend time doing this???

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1 Comment

  1. mzmiamiheat
    October 15, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    1. she cheap
    2.insecure and want to pt out others issues b4 we notice theirs
    3. tweety true to the struggle
    4. cause big girls think they can wear whatever a 125 lbs woman wear and be just as sexy
    5. you need help
    6. drinkin too much haterade
    7.iono, ask myself the same thing
    8.just some of us. the rest are tryin to see how they gonna find a jump off to make ’em famous #get it how you live crew, lol
    9. yes
    10.i concur
    11. we don’t have channel 19 here, we have the news Fox 6
    12. ignant
    13.cause he the tripleOG
    14. iono
    15. we all die a little
    16. it will look like a big black arse rash
    17. college is ‘posed to make you hate everybody and everything by the time you’re done.
    18.u knew it, u just became brave enough to say it out loud.
    19. easier to keep up that way, one day the word jive will be back and it won’t have a thing to do with the magazine.
    20.you answered ur own question :/
    21. for the same reason i just sat here and responded to this old post from years ago!!!…bored with a little time to burn so work time would pass!