Foolish Rants from My Foolish Friends

Sometimes, we are so disturbed by certain subjects that they end in rants of Ig. Here are some.

“Eeewww trick daddy looks like he got a yet to be discovered strain of the VeeDee. He jus sounds like his mouth harbors weapons of mass diseases. From now on, we shall call “him” yuck mouth. He looks like his toothpaste needs to be CLOROX. I actually think he could clean up well if he jus changed some hygiene thangs like de-licing his beard etc.” — Queen Ig
VernaJean: “Sheridan Park Apartments…run it down for me”
KindredSmile: “Sheridan Park Apartments: a historic building located near Wilson and Broadway, home to several homeless shelters, crackhouses, and an awesome beauty supply store. However, the highlight of the neighborhood is the local insane asylum, where residents deemed “kindacrazy” are given permission to roam the the neighborhood for 4 hrs at a time.”
“Ya know…Deelishus DOES sort of look like Jerome Bettis!! But then again…she sort of looks like a man in general. It’s something about those cheekbones! I mean I love her…but I swear she’s hiding an Adam’s apple. Bootz looked sooo nice but she a DAMN LIE when she says she’s celibate!! Her sugar walls have surely disintegrated and it’s gonna take some years to build them shits back up.” —  R. Rodney
“He was SOOO cute!! But then again, the people around him weren’t so hot so I wanna see if I still think he looks so good when he’s around regular people. I mean, it’s like a rose in a field of dandelions, so it’s not a good comparison.” — Jamison

My friends. Gotta love ’em.

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