Hump Day Excuse

Yeah I know Wednesday is one of my scheduled posting days, but in the past couple of weeks I’ve posted all 5 days because well clearly I’ve had a lot to rant about. However, holidays are coming so expect my usual 3 per week. I was sposed to have written today but what had happened was… yeah… well. Mmhmmm. *Scratches head*. I’ll be back on Friday for sure though.

Loffff you all like play cousins who I wouldn’t loan money to because they trifling but I may decide to fight for b/c thats what fam is for even when they wrong. Unless you are that one cousin who is perpetually in a fight. Then I’mo have to sit this battle out because I’ve already warned your hot headed *ss.
Wait, what was I saying again?? LOL oh yeah. See y’all later!!
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