Luvvie’s ’08 Highlights

2008 was a good year. I pray that 2009 is just as prosperous!

I’ve had this blog since August 2006, and posted sporadically. Up until the middle of this year, I only had about 10 posts on here. I’m not sure what spurred it but I got my itch to write again in July, and have been updating regularly since. What I write is often my stream of consciousness, and I get a kick out of it that folks dig it. Like really. When I get comments and followers, it makes my day. I wake up pissing excellence, unicorn tears and phoenix blood.

Anywho, I’ve picked 10 of my favorite posts of 2008. It was tough (like my hair when it broke that comb). It’s like asking me to choose whether I prefer Jollof Rice to White Rice & Stew. It was difficult but I did it anyway for you, my tens of readers.

Favorite 10 Posts of 2008

Fashion Grinds my Gears – This post is the first one I had with more than 2 comments. LOL plus it mentions Coogi (which is a rainbow brite mess).

Unexpected IG – I saw a groomed unibrow, and I was through! Put a fork in me, I’s done!

What Cool Kids Do – I’ve made myself the authority on Cool Kids, and these are the things we do.

VMAs were WACK – Award shows have been sooo horrible lately, and VMAs was no different.

Things Grown Women Should Not Wear – Part 1 of a series of 3. Grown women look foolish rocking certain things.

Overgrown Toddler – I’m pretty much a 5 foot 4 inch 5 year old.

I Hate Winter – Winter time compromises my sexy, so I had to dedicate a rant to it.

City Pigeons are Hood – Chicago pigeons are really out of order, thinking they rule the streets.

Fighting Eve – It’s gonna be a girlfight betwixt me and Eve (yes, Adam’s wifey). I recruited a coupla women to join in with me.

Hair 1, Comb 0 – My comb lost a battle to my hair. *Cue violins*

So if you missed them, check em out. Leave your witty (or not) observations. Will return full force next year, and it shall be AWESOME! (or not. I hate to promise the world and give you lint).

Y’all know I’m slightly senile. Another ’08 highlight. Although Luvvie’s Random Rants (now Awesomely Luvvie) is my baby, I created 2 additional blogs.

House of IG is the group blog I have with my other IGs (aka my equally senseless friends). Imagine a group of people with less brain filter than me and twice as foolish. It really is a mess. It’s home of such posts as the epic roast of Scarlet’s Tumble (seriously. This roast was of grand proportions. It still makes me cackle).

Powerful & Awesome is my blog with the nutty yet magnetic Genius Khan. He is the Powerful to my Awesome. Khan is borderline genius, and borderline insane so it proves to be a great matchup. We DE BEST!!

So check my other blogs out. Have I ever steered you all wrong? Nooooooooo.

P.S. My fellow bloggers, I expect tales of New Year’s Eve debauchery upon your return. You know I love to live vicariously through yall.

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