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Lessons from a Road Trip to DC

In the past year, I’ve gone on 6 trips, 3 of them roadtrips. 1 to Cedar Pointe, Ohio (5 hours), 1 across the country to Atlanta, then Florida (22 hours) and this is the 3rd, to DC (14 hours). I can almost consider myself an expert by now. I have definitely got a couple of lessons for road trippers

  • All truck stops are identical. It was like I had Deja Vu every 4 hours when we stopped. I felt like I was stuck in a space-time continuum of sameness. Hell, the people who staffed the stops even looked alike
  • If I never see another Sbarro again, it’d be too soon
  • Cracker Barrel is my archnemesis. They NEVER get my food order correct. Once, they even made my eggs with shells a la mode. There is NO reason for my eggs to be crunchy. I was irate.
  • Living on a diet of Starbucks madeline cakes and Flaming hot chips will make you feel yucky and feel the need to go on a “non-junk food” detox for a couple of days
  • Yes, it is possible for your butt to fall asleep
  • Who’da thunk I’d miss rice so much (everybody: “Us”. Me: “Sharrap!”) I went 5 days without having rice and I was fiending for it. I will be gorging on rice for the next couple of days. I got home at 2am, went straight to the kitchen for a bowl of rice and went to sleep. Sweet, sweet redemption!
  • Bring that book you always wanted to read with you. And yes, you can complete it on the car ride back even after you take a nap. My roadtrip mates were shocked that I took a good nap AND read a complete book from scratch. I’m a speed reader so…
  • You can nap for what you think is 2-3 hours and wake up and find out it was only for 30 minutes. It’s like time was crawwwwwlllliiinnnggg
  • Being a packrat is definitely an asset. You can never have too many things. My mentor, BA needed the following things during the trip, and I had them ALL: vaseline, halls cough drops, tylenol cold, grapes… She was like “Dang! Who needs Walgreens?”

Despite all of this, I still enjoy road trips, and will go on one in a heartbeat. My next trip isn’t till April so I’mo sat down. My bank account will thank me for it.

I will be posting a blog tomorrow about the foolery I saw in DC, and why I was thisclose to reneging my Black card (before woosahing and saying “Barack is bout to be sworn in. It will negate all the foolishness.”)

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  1. joshlos
    January 22, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    Yes. A big-time thumbs-down to Cracker Barrel. I’ve had bad service at various CBs more than once. The only redeeming quality is the giant checkers board most of the shop areas have. The only problem with that is I go there to eat, not to play checkers.

  2. Lucky
    January 22, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    First off, I *love* CB! :]

    And I drive from the Midwest to the South every year for school, so I have road-trippin’ down to a science!

    Yes be a packrat, yes make sure your Ipod is charged, and layer your clothes: I’ve been both hot and cold during the same trip! Also fuzzy socks so you can take your shoes off…

    Clearly I’ve been on one trip too many…

  3. Naturally Sarcastic
    January 22, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    Ugh… I hate road trips! Abhor road trips. I’d rather die than sit in the car for 3+ hours… I don’t care if the destination is Shangrila! Even if we did stop every four or so hours, I’d still hate the trip!

    glad you enjoyed yours though!

  4. Luvologist
    January 28, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Being an expert at road trips (I travel as a part of my job) there is one steadfast rule I have.

    I smoke…OFTEN, while driving. I will respect the fact that you don’t smoke while I am a passenger on the road trip but while driving I WILL smoke. Deal with it.

  5. Luvvie (aka Queen IG)
    January 30, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    Josh – Cracker Barrel makes me sooo angry. I cursed errtime we passed by one

    Lucky – YES to ALL of those.

    Nat Sarcastic – Dang! Did you have a nightmare bout roadtrips when you were lil or sumfin?

    LUVologist – Oh noooo!! Not the cancer sticks!! I’d have to sit farrr away from you while you driving.