MLK Day in DC

Hey folks. After a 15 hour trip, I made it to DC on Friday night. I’ve had a BALL with my ePosse (PBG and NaturallyAlise), but we have seen some ish that has traumatized us. Some of the shenanigans I’ve witnessed while in DC would NOT make MLK proud on his day or any other. Elaboration on that will come by the end of the week. Also seems like I brought Chicago weather to the East Coast with me. It’s chilly here too (but not -27). WOMP.

However, all that doesn’t matter since tomorrow, the Beloved One shall be sworn in. I look forward to witnessing history.

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  1. Crown R0yal
    January 22, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    i mean i loved you before, but you said something that touched my very spirit in this post.