IG Chat Proper

In lieu of a real post (don’t judge me!), here’s some chats betwixt me and some IGs.

VEG: the only thing that comforts me is knowing they will somehow both get theirs in the end. they are again dead to me. banished from my thoughts
Luvvie: 6 feet under
VEG: girl. in a crypt
Luvvie: lol an urn
VEG: lol an urn that the cat knocked over and peed in the ashes that spilled out
Luvvie: hahahaha and keith richards snorted
VEG: YES lmao
Luvvie: lmao
VEG: and amy winehouse injected. speaking of A…girl.. i have never before seen death walking till i saw a pic of her
Luvvie: hahahahahahaha
VEG: giiiiiiiiiirl she looks frightening. all skinny and sunken in and out of it. her eyes look dead
Luvvie: death epitomized
VEG: and she looks unclean
Luvvie: yeah she DEF got THE HERP
VEG: THAT is how someone on their last leg looks. if someone had cancer or another disease and they looked like that, they’d get last rites and people would start being extra nice to them
Luvvie: lmao
VEG: what do you do when someone “healthy” looks like that?
Luvvie: she’d get to “make a wish”. LMAO!
VEG: she needs some friends. Where is her momma?
Luvvie: she may have smoked her
VEG: LMAO laffin made me cough


*Back when I was unemployed for a couple of months last year

Luvvie: umm YEAH my savings is gettin depleted mo’ and mo’ errday

KindredSmile: at least you ain’t working the pole….yet
Luvvie: lmao!! oh noooo!! not the POLE!
KindredSmile: i know you said you was gon leave it lone, but we’s in a recession!
Luvvie: i kno rite! i best go get my clear heels and feather boa and work it out
KindredSmile: i won’t judge if you did something strange for a lil change.
Luvvie: hahahahaha something brash for a lil bit of cash!
KindredSmile: did something odd for that OhMiGod
Luvvie: hahahahahahaha ROTFLMAO!! i jus cackled
KindredSmile: lmao aw man i gotta stop with these gigglefits
Luvvie: something odd for that OMG jus DID ME IN
KindredSmile: success!

We stoopid.
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  1. Sister Toldja
    February 21, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    Something brash for a bit of cash?

    DEAD and BURIED A G.

  2. Sister Toldja
    February 21, 2009 at 10:28 pm