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Giving Thanks

So in honor of Turkey Day tomorrow, I’mo give thanks for the many blessings in my life. And after that, y’all ain’t gon hear from me again til Monday. I plan on having over-extended itis. You understand, dontchu?

These are some shucking and jiving pilgrims. I won’t even wonder why they’re so happy. O_o

Anyway, I give thanks for:
  • Twitter – How else will I spend my days? Surely not doing, you know, stuff. Besides, where else can I be a complete fool and get quitted 1,000 times a day? Oh yeah… Gchat, this blog, life… Well, yall get my point.
  • Dulce de Leche ice cream – In all it’s caramelly goodness. It makes coming home, sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing way exciting. Plus it’s adding to my thickness (sharrap to EVERYONE who jus said “What thickness?” Y’all are some haters! AND you’re RUDE! HMPH!)
  • Bible Reader BBerry application – Allows me to get The Word while anywhere. Usually on my morning commute. See? Even Jesus is high-tech. Hey, don’t judge me. At least I’m getting SOME word! I can’t be a heathen ALL the time. Just part-time. Thankyouverymuch.
  • Google Chrome – For being more awesome than Firefox and for making me forget what Internet Explorer is.
  • Vaseline – I’m thankful for it because it does any and everything. Lotion, lip moisturizer, eyebrow
Yeah, and of course I give thanks for my friends (who seem to get more and more foolish errday. I’m the normal one. iRebuke EVERY side-eye that jus came my way in the name of denial!). I do love my amigos though.
I’m thankful for my family for being the backbrace to the scoliosis of my lifespace. *reads* That was meant to be a compliment y’all. It means y’all are my support. Don’t be calling me talmbout how rude I am. You know I LOVES YA!
And I MUST MUST MUST give thanks to my readers! Sheesh! Y’all surely do know how to make a chick feel relevant. Sending me all these awesome emails and leaving all these comments. You and me, us NEVA part, AweLuvvers! (That’s yall’s name I just came up with. You like it?). But yeah, y’all make writing worf my while.
If a hairhat is crooked and there’s no one to tell Luvvie to saddown when she roasts it, did that hairhat lean 45 degrees to the left, like Re-Re Franklin’s kitten heels? Hell, Iunno either. I just wanted to leave yall with something deep to ponder.

May your Thanksgiving be perfectly delicious, and may the spirit of ITIS tackle you and hold you in its sweet, sweet arms!

What are you thankful for? 

Luv Bulletin

My Chitowners. The Red Pump Project is having an event next week in honor of World AIDS Day. “Say RED… Cocktails & Conversations” is on Dec. 2nd, from 6pm – 9pm at Ai Sushi Restaurant and Lounge. You should come! Also, we’re having a silent auction, and all proceeds are going to a local HIV/AIDS organization. If you’d like to donate anything to the auction, let me know. We’re looking for more products.

I put out an APB for silent donation items and received the following offers from my friends and Twitterfam:

  • Dereon bedazzled hijab
  • Beyonce’s never worn pants
  • Mama Tina’s never washed tee from when she beat up Ashanti, blood stains still on it
  • She by Sheree jock strap w/ some of Sheree’s ball hairs thrown in for good measure
  • A year of Mama Tina’s personal wardrobe consultation, complete with custom replicas of all of Queen Yawnce’s onesies

LMAO! iHate that iLove y’all. Foolishness! No, but really.

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  1. Lite Bread
    November 25, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    Yer Mostest (Appreciative) Awesomelynessis,
    Awwww … we so Honored!
    I Luv’s bein’ yer ‘Stan’ (don’t tell Kindredsmile; she’d think it was double-timin’).

    Now, since I get all sensitive an’ stuff, can I be not just a AweLuvver’s, but be, like, ya know, yer #1 Whiteboy Stan AweLuvver (singular, lol). Like, yer first (first whiteboy?) and “The Best 2520 Ya Ever Had”?
    Can I? Can I? Can I?

    I’m Thankful For …
    The fact I, by total random chance (though I’d really like to think the Universe did it on purpose, ya know, Higher Power and Karma and ‘ish) I found YOU, the High Priestess of Awelomelyness IG!

    (Wow. Even I gotta scrap all the molasses, corn syrup and powdered sugar off this here comment, lol)

  2. amymay117
    November 25, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Let the Itis Begin!!! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Think about me when you eat that second piece of pie… I'll be clockin' in to take care of the sick ppl at around 3pm tomorrow!