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Twitter Killed the Celeb’s Star

They say that video killed the radio star. Well, Twitter has killed the celebrity’s. Ever since I joined Twitter in September 2008 (although I wasn’t active on it until January 2009), it’s become the place to be. *reads line* Ok that just made it sound like Twitter became IT because of me. How narcissistic of me. Too bad I don’t feel like changing the sentence. But y’all know what I meant.

Twitter is every publicist’s worst nightmare. Publicists are meant to maintain their folks’ image, and paid to make them behave and maintain a seemingly clean reputation. Now that celebs are now free to send messages to the world as they please, crisis intervention is the name of the game. Especially since these messages are instant and cannot be taken back, no matter how much they try to delete them.

Sidenote: Every and any tweet that’s sent is permanently out there. Even if you delete it from your timeline, and someone searches a word in it, the whole thing will come up. AND tweets are indexed by Google now, which keeps them for up to 18 months. This message has been brought to you by “You betta watch your mouth” Enterprises.

TOO many celebrities have said something off-the-cuff on Twitter. I just imagine some Publicists curling themselves into a ball and rocking back and forth in the corner.

But now, thanks to Twitter, I know which celebrities are dumb as doorknobs, dry as rice cake and desert sand AND enemy to the rules of grammar, syntax and sentence structure. Like really. Some of these celebrities have been kicked off their high horses and have lost all the awesome points they had with me before. They just seem like any regular old mundane life-having, hypersensitive jerk that happen to be well-known and has money. Yes, Twitter has turned most celebrities into Paris Hilton.

A fewer group of celebrities have seen their awesome points added because they seem so down-to-earth, and are actually intelligent and funny.

I decided to ask my followers on Twitter last night, who they thought were the best and worst celebrity twitterers. I don’t follow any celebrities on Twitter because what is the point of following them, replying to them and being ignored? There isn’t one. No thanks. BUT if I was to follow some and have them in my timeline constantly, they would not be the ones in the “worst” list. Check out the ones in the “best.”

Twitter Verified Account

Most celebs have this badge on their pages. It’s Twitter’s way of being their “more people.”

Worst celebs to follow on Twitter:

Diddy – He is no stranger to the CAPS LOCK key, telling folks to “LOCK IN” with him (whatever in the hell that means). He’s also good for overuse of exclamation points, talmbout “LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He has simmered down on the eHollering lately though. Maybe someone pulled him to the side and gave him a stern lecture.

Fabolous – He spends most of his days roasting folks on Twitter (not unlike myself) but he is also on a bigger scale, and has been known to start a couple of IGNORANT trending topics (on purpose too). The last king of Wonkmouth uses his Twinfluence in a pretty negative way. Related to him is…

Lil Duval – He is known for his series of tweets about “Basic B*tches” where he talks about stupid things women do. The only basic one I see is him in his oversized shorts. He technically shouldn’t even be on this list since he isn’t much of a celebrity. He’s more famous on Twitter than anywhere else. Last time I remember seeing him on TV was back in the days of BET ComicView. Yes, that long ago. He has been known to start ignorant trending topics too, like “#TeachAN*ggTuesday.” Yeah really. UGH!

Sidenote: Twitter gave him a verified account badge sometime last week. The same day, by nighttime, his badge was gone. iDied along with it as I cackled myself silly. Twitter musta been like “Aw damn. Our bad, dawg. We thought you was important. Run us our badge back.” WOMP!

Tila Tequila – Another dummy who shouldn’t even be considered a celebrity. Her tweets are like that’s of a tweenager who has too much freedom but hasn’t matured to handle it yet. She whines, bitches and moans. WOMP!

Jim Jones – Apart from my disdain for his lack of personal hygiene… he sucks. He’s never seen punctuation he’s liked or used. Plus, if his life depended on him know how to spell, I’d have to write him a eulogy.

Honorable mentions: Soulja Boy (for EVERYTHING); Lil Bow Wow (for using “GNR” – stands for “Gotta Nigga Rolling” – in the place of LOL and for thinking this is witty. Napoleon Complex For the Loss); Keri Hilson (for being unbelievable boring)

Some folks wanted me to add Rev Run to this list because of his lack of spelling but he’s so positive that I just couldn’t do it. Will just slide a “spell check” app to him one of these days.

Then there are the few celebs who are actually cool to follow, have something worthwhile to say and don’t make you wanna kick a teddy bear.

Best Celebs on Twitter:

Solange Knowles – She’s definitely not her sister. Solange is hilarious, interesting and personable. She tweets about life, some of which is mundane but she adds some personality to it. And her adventures with her son Juelz, are always cute to know about. She seems to be a chick that’ll be fun to hang with in real life. Her stock with me actually rises when I see her tweets.

Chrisette Michele – She’s sweet, funny, charming AND replies to followers. *GASP* You’d think she was a reg’lah person. Chrisette is definitely on my “Could kick it with” list.

Questlove – This dude is just as witty as you’d assume him to be. Plus, he actually does things that are interesting enough to tweet about. And he’s a music snob. What isn’t cool about him?

Honorable mentions: Erykah Badu, Hill Harper (cute, smart, ambitious and Barack’s old roommate. He is a win all over), Rolands Martin (his snarky political commentary is very entertaining and informative), Big Boi, Phonte of Little Brother (He is hilarious and uber smart. And he replies to followers), Ron Artest
(who is just a mess, but an entertaining one).

Hmm… seems that rappers are the worst folks to follow on Twitter and the best are alarmingly women singers. *shrugs*

With that being said. Do you follow celebrities on Twitter? Which ones piss you off? Which do you even love more?

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  1. KayMac
    November 7, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    I follow @Tyrese and @therealmikeepps ol’ non-spelling asses…@therealmikeepps stays spelling words phonetically and just straight slaughtering words! And @Tyrese is just Tweeting from the Shawt Bus…sounding extra special.

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