AweLuv 2009 Cliff Notes: In Case You Missed

Whilst I’m on hiatus from blogging, I wanted to leave y’all with stuff. So I went through my 2009 archives, and found my top posts. In case you missed them, check them out. These are all some goodies.

You can even leave comments on them. I read them all and will try to respond.

*Letter to the hat – An ode to Aretha Franklin’s hat, which stole the show and thunder of President Obama’s inauguration. That hat stole the heart of a nation. So I had to write to it and thank it.

*Shark Mouf – I went to the dentist and was informed that I had 7 extra teeth in my mouth that I could get extracted. You can call me “Jaws.”

*Baby Bangs Foolishness – I came across a website that sold headbands that had fake hair attached to it… for BABIES. You know I had to rant about it. Oh, and to make matters worse. The creator of the website left me a comment justifying the foolishness.

*Dear Mini Luvvie – I’ve noticed a 2nd baby boom around me lately. I have no desires to join in on this boom, but decided to write my future child a letter. I even included a baby pic of myself.

*BlackPlanet is Black Hole of Irrelevance – Don’t you agree?

*Lethal Side-Eye – I thought MY side-eye was intense. Naw, not until I came across the side-eye of doom, given by Madame Cameroon. She’s my she-ro!

*A Letter to Michael: Moonwalking on the Clouds – The letter I wrote to Michael Jackson the night he died.

*iCan’t run. I’m allergic – Running makes my legs itch. Literally. So I figured that I’m just allergic to it. And other forms of exercise.

*Clinton’s a Sigma, Jesus is an Alpha – The Phi Beta Sigmas gave Bill Clinton an honorary membership. So I talked about how Jesus is an Alpha and an Omega.

*Mama I Wanna Freak – Since Zane an’ em have become millionaires off subpar writing, I decided to come out with a Gospel Erotica (an oxymoron of sorts) called “Mama I Wanna Freak But I’ont Want God to Frown.” I even picked the people I want to star in the low-budget movie version.

*Prince is Purty – And his coif is better than yours. This isn’t up for debate.

*2009 VMAs Rocked – *GASP* An awards show that I actually enjoyed. This was a rarity.

With those being said, go back and enjoy some of my oldies but goodies. Leave comments. Hang out. See you all in 2010. Have a GREAT holidays!
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