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Thank You For An Awesome(ly) Lovely 2010

WOWSIES! I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2010. Where did this year go? It ran faster than a Kenyan. Sheesh! Anywho, I didn’t want to have the New Year’s Eve go by without a quick wrap up, before New Years’ Eve festivities begin (and ratchetness takes over). Where …

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The 25 Dumbest Tweets of 2010

Twitter: A place for people to share their thoughts. A place for celebrities and public figures to connect with their fans and supporters. An English major’s nightmare. I want to forget these tweets. So with a heavy heart and deep sigh, I present to you: The Top 25 Dumbest Tweets of the Year.

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The Stages of Social Media Grief of Celebrity Deaths

I analyzed the process of grieving on Twitter when celebrities die, and it’s the same cycle each time, with the theatrics at the highest levels.

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Luvvie’s Christmas Sweatah Brings All The Haters To The Yard

Luvvie’s note: It is an annual tradition for me to put my avatar in a *coughs* festive sweater. However, folks be hating on it SUPER hard. I think they’re just jellis of my sweater steeze! Haters, I say!!! Anywho, the supreme hater this time was my eSis, Naturally Alise. Here …

Antoine Dodson Chimney intruder

Antoine Dodson’s Chimney Intruder Is Just… iCan’t.

Remember Antoine Dodson? Yeah I had Dodson Fever when that whole foolery first came out. And I may or may not have had the Bed Intruder song as my ringtone for a hot, quick second. Antywho, I’ve been kinda off the Dodson wagon though, after I saw how he’s allowing …

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Luvvie’s Christmas Sweater: Last Year’s Roast

Last year, I blessed the world by putting my avatar in a DELIGHTFUL sweater to celebrate the holidays. The Christmas spirit was RIPE in me. So y’all know I had to dress for the occasion! I presented the world with my sweater. And DAGNABBIT I looked ADORABO in it. But …

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My Grandmother’s The Crunkest

Luvvie’s note: So I was on GChat with LV aka @Cloud10LV aka the Cephus to my Reesie aka A gahtdamb mess when he barged in with one of his random ass ways of saying hello (i.e. “Slides into the back pew like the folks that come in church late. *whispers* …

Kardashians Christmas
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The Kardashians Wish You A Merry Christmas

I came across this Gawker post talmbout the recently released The Kardashian family Christmas photo. So I had to show it to y’all. The Kardashians are a relatively attractive family. And yes, they got a lot cuter from plastic surgery. BUT… There’s just so many things that don’t quite curl all …


Damp Sweater, Dry Heart: Mario Winans Doesn’t Wanna Know

The mid 90s were a boon to emotional, vulnerable ass ninjas who loved to croon mediocre R&B ballads. But only one emo dude earns the title for Douchiest. Video. Ever. Behold, Mario Winans’ “I Don’t Wanna Know” with real-time commentary from me and Kindred. Luvvie: as he serenades himself with …

Whose is this?

Whose Wayward Family Is This?

So I seem to be a glutton for punishment. Everytime I tell folks to add pictures of foolery and ratchetness on my Facebook fan page’s wall, they go above and beyond this duty. Especially Scarlett. This chile has NO sense! Anywho, last go-round, she added like 10. And each one …