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Happy MLK Day

I live-tweeted the Golden Globe awards, but in the absence of such overt foolery as I’m accustomed, it was boring. No one had a nip slip. No one ambushed the stage for a Kanye movement. Everyone was pretty well-behaved (in spite of the fact that 78% of those celebrities were TANKED! Clearly they serve good liquor at the Golden Globes).

Anywho, today is Martin Luther King Day. Because of this, I’mo make this post short. I got a couple of suggestions on what folks should do to observe the day.

  • Mean-mug your racially insensitive coworker
  • Stay in bed and have many dreams (not just one)
  • Drop random MLK quotes into conversations. Even… no ESPECIALLY… when they don’t fit. i.e. You’re in line at McDonald’s and the cashier asks for your order. Say: “He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” And walk away. Would. Be. AWESOME
  • Randomly burst out into a rendition of “Lift every voice and sing”
  • Check out Google.com today.
iBetchu that’s Coretta on his right arm. Lawd, I’m such a Google Groupie. iStan for them. They may be taking over the world, but ‘slong as they keep making these awesome custom logos, they’re alright with me!

Above all, in honor of Martin Luther King Day, figure out how you’ll leave a lasting legacy on this Earth. Me? I figure my *wall slide* will live longer than I do. *shrugs*So how are y’all observing MLK day?

P.S. Oh and for those that have to be at work, I’ll take a longer nap. Just for YOU. Mwahahahahhahaha *evil laugh*

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  1. DrKeithCurrie
    January 19, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Happy Martin Luther King day. We always lost golden time and man but unfortunately we can't realized that. Let us try to be another one. Let us Salute to KING.