Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!!! Today is MY day! The day of LOVE!!! *cues cheesy ballads* *sways and swoons*

For the single folks in college, don’t go to the lobby of your dorm. All the balloon and flowers being delivered will only make you angry and bitter. For single folks out in the real world, go to brunch with your girls. And try not to roll your eyes at the women that are kissing and hugging their men. It’s not becoming you.

For the folks with boos, try not to call that bitter single friend you got, ranting and raving about what your boo did. That’s just rude and inconsiderate.

Most importantly, love yourself. Not just by killing kittens but you know, appreciating yourself for being awesome.

Cupid Luvvie, the Goddess of #HoShit Present wishes you a Happy Love Day.
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