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NAACP Image Awards Were Decent

I don’t typically blog on Saturdays, but there was an awards show on last night and I got my phonecall from my sis reminding me to do a recap. Couple of months ago, I wrote about the NAACP Image Awards Nominees FAIL, and they just aired the event itself. On Fox. Yes, I’m shocked too. Well, then again. They aired it on a Friday night. How many award shows are shown on the day that’s known to have such low TV viewers? Well whatever.

So my recap shall be in question form. I live-tweeted the show and acted a plum fool. I was pretty surprised I didn’t end up in Twitter jail. These are pretty much my tweets.

* Why does Kompa music go so HARD? I love it! Reminds me of Nigerian music. *dances to the floor*. *gets back up* *knees hurting*

* Why did Wyclef bring on bring Carnivale to NAACP Image Awards and got the party started? All the non-coloreds (Read: Sandra Bullock) look real intrigued!

* Why did I not realize that Keri Hilson performed with Wyclef? How aint I see her on stage? Oh yeah… she’s kinda boring. Carry on…

* Why is Lance Gross so FAHN?!?! I’d go A.Keys for him!!! #EvaWho #Homewrecking *faints*

* Why is Keke Plamer a breath of fresh air? Finally, a teenager that doesnt act too grown for herself. HEYYY Keke gurl!!! She’s soooo cute. Loved to see her win an award. She was genuinely thrilled too.

YES KEKE!!! Love her!! (Pic: NecoleBitchie)

* Why did Sherri Shepherd‘s hairhat not *pause*, not… curl all the way over? It was like follicular Lil Luffa.

* Why’s Dule Hill still segzy even with that large forehead? I’ont care if u disagree. Shoo… He got something bout him…

* Am I the only one who gets kinda uncomfy when I see grown men cry on TV? But I do applaud Darryl “Chill” Mitchell. I’m not being a jerk. I’m just saying. Darryl has done well for himself and bounced back from that accident way better than a lotta people can. *applause* Plus he can actually act.

* Why is Jamie Foxx‘s hairline ever-revolving? His hairline is like a fingerprint. Never replicated.

* Why is Berry Gordy so old that he was Jesus’ sandal buffer, but still looks good?

* Why do old people would rock 18 million patterns in one outfit? They’d wear a suit in pinstripe with a plaid shirt and a paisley tie talmbout “I look SHAAAPP younghead!” You look like a kaleidoscope O_O *looks at Clarence Avon*

* Why did Chris Rock make a movie named “Good Hair” but he can’t find a good barber? His haircut was subpar.

* Why did host Hill Harper change into a Deacon O’Dell pinstripe 3-piece suit, ooking like the Qwa Director’s straight nephew?

* Why do I love Tyler Perry/Madea and I’ont care who knows it?

* Why does Cicely Tyson look good for being 546 years old? She is Adam and Eve’s middle child. She’s Moses’ aunty by marriage. LOVE her tho! #Legend. And also, no shade (O__O) but who made Cicely’s ponytail so tight? Talk about an instant face lift. Ok ok ok… I’m done. iQuit. #LuhUMsTyson

* Hey Jill Scott, you know I love you, right? Why did you have on a segzy formal bathrobe? I’m just wontering.

* Is LL Cool J bleaching? Why is he looking extra bright?. Is this what LL in Winter look like??? He needs a tan.

* Why was I so GEEKED when Mo’nique won the award? She deserved it. She played THE HELL out that role. Even with a floral negligee onesie on. WERK MO!!!

* Why was Quentin Tarantino wearing a crushed velvet kimono?!? Japanese folks are like ‘We’re not flattered. SADDOWN”

* Isn’t Morgan Freeman like that old Qwa director that everyone loves because he won the church a buncha trophies but rumors are that he’s dating the young deaconness O__O? Morgan is the school principal that saved the school from closing down but may have dated a student. Wait… this sounds familiar. Morgan Freeman is the confederate soldier who led his troops to victory but possibly slept w/ the volunteer nurse. #GloryDeez

* Why do I think Anika Noni Rose is so adorable? I just wanna put her in my pocket and take her places with me.

* Did John Legend miss his hairdressing appointment? He didn’t put that ultra perm in his hair. I aint never seent his hair looking so type 4B. He’s usually 3C. Maybe John Legend ran out of activator. But aint his hair usually shiny and coily?

* Why was I surprised to hear Gabby Sidibe‘s speaking voice? Gabby doesnt sound like I expected her to sound in real life. Weird. But I really hope Hollywood doesnt forget bout Gabby Sidibe after “Precious.” If LisaRaye can get 1 or 2 roles, Gabby should get 40. If Rihanna can have a SINGING deal, Gabby Sidibe better be offered some roles in more movies!

* Am I the same one who gets uncomfortable when I see/hear “It’s the God in me” being performed by Mary Mary? Fact that its the same beat to “Blame it on the Alcohol” makes me unceasy. I’m not sposed to headbanging to a gospel song. I already did the bankhead bounce to “Stomp.”

* Why is Fox bogus? They cut off Mary Mary’s performance. All I saw was one of the Marys dropping to the floor in dance. She ain’t come back up before I saw “FOX NEWS” flash on my screen. WOMP.

Anywho. Those were my thoughts. Did I miss anything?

Pics found at RandB blog

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  1. Karen
    February 27, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    only the panty-dropping inspired by Maxwell but that s'all

  2. Tiffany
    February 27, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Yeah I must say that Maxwell does it for me and Anika and Keke are both adorable to look at. It was pretty good show, unlike the recent ones where we were plagues with silence from the censors (Chris Rock was funny). And we light brights get kinda pale in the winter and it makes us look whiter.


  3. chichi
    February 28, 2010 at 2:09 am

    *DEAD* @ John Legend's 3C hair…

  4. first lady
    March 1, 2010 at 6:16 am

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of something secular when Mary Mary comes on. Every time I hear that song I think of Destiny's Child-castoff Latoya and her "Regret" song with Ludacris. That's inappropriate.

  5. amymay117
    March 1, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    I don't even watch the award shows anymore…
    I put them on the lookity-box as background, fire up the lappie, log in to the Twittah and just wait on yer fool self to kick ish off…
    And voila…. instant ignance!!

  6. Tea
    March 2, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    so much hilarity, I can't even comment on it all. Also FOX isn't bogus Lee Daniels is bogus for talmbout I'm gone take my time and Tyler Perry come give me a hug. Must some folks always be coons? This dude brought the fattest girl in life to screen in hollywood, she had every problem every person has ever had happen to her.

    I know the movie was telling a story, but damn. Can someone tell a happy story that's not wack.

  7. @Miss_Mielle
    March 4, 2010 at 3:27 am

    This is a little late, but A: I just read this post, and B: I can answer your question about Mary Mary's performance since I heard the answer on the TJMS yesterday. Lee Daniels went over the time he was allotted to speak, and cut into Mary Mary's performance time, that's why you basically saw 30 secs. of them give or take a few. Apparently it was really problematic too, because I guess their record label paid for their time up front, and they got jipped on the time….think the NAACP might have had to refund them…