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Happy Friday, folks! I’m Everywhere!

My peoples!!! The weekend is here. So I shall be frolicking in these Chicago streets. BUT I wanted to make sure y’all know where I hang besides Y’all know I can’t stay still. So I hope you check out my other eHangouts.

Add me on Twitter (@Luvvieig). This is my fully ratchet account. The one where when folks I know in real life say they’re following me, I clasp my hand to my mouth and go “Umm… please don’t judge me by my tweets. Too Legit Ratchet to Quit.

And then there’s my OTHER Twitter account (@iLuvvit) which is less foolish but more helpful. I give tech/blogging/social media tips on that one. And maintain a semblance of couth.

Join my Facebook Fan Page. I place extra foolery there sometimes that never makes it here. So Getchu a piece!

Check out my Dumbest Tweets Tumblr, where I put up the stupidity people display in 140 characters. Such as:

But Ma'am...

My Must Luvv Shoes Tumblr which is dedicated solely to my love of shoes. I post pictures of fierce shoes and coupon codes to my favorite shoe stores. So shoeheads, getchu some.

And then there’s my professional website that has my portfolio on it telling you bout what I do to keep up my shoe and traveling habit. Check it out HERE.

I clearly do the most. SMH! Enjoy your weekend, folks!!!

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1 Comment

  1. Adiya
    May 14, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    Hehe! That dumbest tweets tumblr sounds like a good idea lol