Luvvie’s BET Awards 2012 Live-Tweets Party

My peoples!!! So today is the BET Awards 2012 and I’m ready for them! I got my snacks and my shade READY for the festivities. And you know Twitter makes every show better, so this will be everything.

So, I’ll be using the hashtag #AweBET as I tweet the festivities tonight, so join me and use it too.

I’ll be tweeting from @Luvvie, but if I end up in Twitter jail and tweets from there stop, I’ll be at @iLuvvit.

This eParty will start at 6pm CST today. So come back here and get epic tweets from the most foolish folks on Twitter.

I usually use Cover It Live for my livetweets pordees to stream tweets but they started charging money for their service and I’m not about that life at all. But I’ma use Twitter’ widget instead. And hope it goes well.

If you would like your tweets streamed on my blog, use the hashtag #AweBET too.

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